Sunday, February 12, 2012

potato prantha and rajmah

I met a really sweet East Indian family that lives not far from me a little while back. We have sons of the same age and grade. I decided to have their son over this weekend for a playdate with Thanan. It's about the 5th playdate they've had.

When the mom dropped her son off, she handed me a small warm package with a note inside that said this:

"Hi Julie
I am sending potato prantha for you. I think you would like it. If you are not allergic, then put butter on it. And you can eat with plain yogurt or tea. I am going to cook kidney beans (Rajmah in our language) and rice for you in supper. Thanks. (and then she signed her name). And prantha, it is made by wheat flour, cumin seed, salt and black pepper and I put canola oil on it. You need to reheat it only 30 sec. in microwave. And let me know, you like it or not. Thanks. "

I have to say... it was delicious, and even though I shouldn't be eating potatoes very much (because they break down into sugar in the body), I did eat one of the 3 prantha's she gave me, and I'll eat the other 2 tomorrow for lunch. She is a very sweet lady.

She invited me to attend their house warming and their smaller son's birthday party as well, but when I said I couldn't come because of other plans with my boyf, she almost sounded like she was going to cry. Aww.

The problem is... I think I've been adopted into a family all of a sudden, and what goes along with that is a whole host of expectations on my behalf, when all I was trying to do in the first place was facilitate a friendship between Thanan and their little boy. LOL  I'm not entirely sure I'm up for the idea of more people putting more and more demands on me.  I'll have to figure out the correct balance and keep it in check.

... but... really nice family.

Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

That's lovely that you've been adopted in to their family, I'm sure you'll find the best way to progress. You should both gain a lot from the friendship.

The Grunt said...

When I eat potatoes they break dance in my stomach, so I eat more.