Saturday, February 04, 2012

Well here's a shitty topic...

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What are your thoughts?

I recently have been doing reading on the topic and collectively the articles I'm reading agree that disease begins in the colon. They went on to talk about how if we are not having a bowel movement after each meal, the food being eaten is not being processed to its intended extent and therefore it is not being neither

a) nutriently absorbed into the body for proper cellular consumption, nor
b) being eliminated effectively.

If the body isn't eliminating fecal matter, where is it ending up? It becomes caked onto the lining of the intestinal and colonic tracts and hardens there like what happens in your arteries when you have too much cholesterol. Over time, it creates a layer of solid mass that prevents your body from absorbing nutrients properly, and in severe cases, at all! If our bodies can't absorb the nutrients from the food we eat, which is already so processed and has less nutrient value in it than ever before, what chance of having a healthy body do we have? Disease begins in the colon.

Colonics is a way of cleaning out all that dried up, caked on, nutrient blocking, health diminishing waste matter that you've been collecting inside of you every time you haven't had a bowel movement after eating.

Ever wonder why babies poop so much? Because they are new to the world and have properly working digestive systems and therefore properly working waste elimination systems. Their systems are pure and haven't had the chance to become blocked up yet with the unhealthy and processed foods most of us eat. As we grow up, we start to introduce solid foods into the system and that's when all hell starts to break loose. As the person who changes the shitty diapers, we are relieved to only be having to change a soiled diaper 3 times a day, then it drops off to 2 times a day. Eventually, the child only has one bowel movement per day and we become relieved and thrilled that we don't have to deal with that, when in fact it's a totally unhealthy thing and we should be mindful of why that's happening.

So if you think about that, your body has been ineffective at eliminating waste for almost all of your entire life, save for the first year or so, if you aren't having a bowel movement shortly after eating each and every time.

Did you know that you are considered chronically constipated if you are only having 1 movement per day or less, even if that one seems like it's the proper consistency, color and smell? Some people think that if they have one poop per day they're in the clear. Most people think that. They are uninformed. I feel like I'm doing great if I have one per day, I'll be honest. But then, you all know I've had my fair share of bowel issues.

I am considering trying to find a place where I live to try this colonics thing out. If I can clear up my bowels, relieve myself of the layer after layer of hard gross gunk that's sticking to my digestive and eliminatory tracts, give my body a fighting chance at proper nutrient absorption for the first time in my adult years, then maybe I'd actually be able to lose the weight, feel better, have more vitality and energy, be less polluted with candida... a fresh new beginning. It's pretty tempting.

What's the worst that can happen? I'll have a giant BM and be able to celebrate it with the Colonics Practitioner? Awesome. Afterall... not one of you will disagree with me how amazing it feels after having a giant poop. Who wouldn't want to pass all that crap, and then "High 5" about it? And if you do disagree about how good it feels to pass a proper poo, then your problems are far worse than even you think.

Jules :O?


SIMON said...

Yeah a shit subject! Now the link and your logic makes a good deal of sense but it makes a mockery of the older people in the medical profession that say being regular is different to everybody! To some people therefore there is only anything 'not quite right' when it alters in any way. So if you have to go back to being emptied out every time you eat that might be wrong for your body!!
Yay to passing proper poos but nay to false regulation!!

Jules said...

From my understanding, colonics aren't for regularity, as far as I know. They're to literally empty you out completely so that you can have a second chance and a new lease on digestion and nutrient absorption.

I'm gona look into it more though.