Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is true love?

True love. What is it?

We aren't all lucky enough to find it. We might find love, or that which we think is love, but chances are, it's not quite *love* at all.

When does true love, actual LOVE, happen?

Well, it's that moment... that split second of a moment when the light switch flicks on to turn your vision from peripheral to tunnel vision. It's the moment when something clicks inside of you and all of a sudden the only person of the opposite sex that exists is your very own partner. Real love happens when you have finally reached such a level of emotional love with that person that without a single solitary doubt, THAT ONE person is the only one you think about having a life with. Nobody else exists, nobody else matters, as far as partners go.

Anything up to that point, any relationship until that moment is fun, yes.  Exciting, of course. Satisfying, indeed. But it isn't really truly LOVE until the switch turns on inside your brain and starts sending those "without a doubt" signals to your heart. Prior to that, it's infatuation, lust, desire, curiosity, interest... But only when you reach that deep deep emotional love level can you really say that you are in love with someone.

It has taken me a long time to figure this out. To be totally honest, I don't think I knew the difference before, because I hadn't ever reached this point. And I think you can't really understand this deep love level until you have experienced *THAT* moment.

It is the greatest moment. It is indescribable. It makes you think "WOW! I finally understand.. so THAT's what love is."

This is not meant to underplay any of the other times I have felt a sense of love in my previous years. It's just that now I really truly *get it*... I really understand and I really feel it. Now I totally and completely know what the difference of loving somebody and being in love with somebody is and feels like. I thought I knew before, but I didn't, because this is unlike anything else I've ever known within my own true self. It didn't come from some outside source, or from people saying that I should be in love by now. It came from a totally intrinsic source, and it blossomed and awoken something inside of me that lay dormant until now.

I hope you all find this deep level of love in your lifetime, and when you actually find it, that you find it is reciprocated and then never ever let it go. Nurture it, feed it, take care of it completely, for there is nothing greater.

Happy Valentine's Day

Jules <3


SIMON said...

Hope you had a great St. Vals Day Jules.

The Grunt said...

So far, I've only had this feeling for a sandwich. Seriously, I am happy for you.

Jules said...

Si - I had a great Vals weekend!

Grunty - Oh to be in love with a food is a pleasurable thing. I'm glad you've found love. Thank you for being happy for me.