Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I think it's going too far.

I think that political correctness goes too far sometimes. Now, I'd like to say my piece here as simply and as quickly as I can, so for that I will use this example.

My son reads these books on a website called Raz-Kids that is directly tied to his levels of reading for his school work. He's on a new level, so today we sat together and he read two books. The first one was great, it was about season's changing. The second one made me think that I needed to write this post because the book was titled: How to Build a Snow Person.

..... does anyone else see anything wrong with that or is it just me???

Can we seriously not call a snowman a snowman anymore? For eff sakes. Really?

That. Is. All.

Jules :Owtf?


Sornie said...

Political correctness be damned. Last winter I built a perfect snow woman because snowmen are way too easy to build. She had lovely hair and all of the other womanly parts you'd be accustomed to seeing. Did I mention that she was naked? And rather top heavy? And anatomically correct. And that I built it in someone else's yard?

SIMON said...

Oh PC be damned, there is no such thing, surely, as a snow person. Only snow men and women! Depends often on the gender of the builder and available snow!!

What next black snow people?!!

Oh don't get me started!!

Jules said...

Sornie, did you even put nipples and a vulva on her? HA! I think it's hilarious that you did that in someone else's yard.

Si - Ok, I'd better not! Pretend you didn't read this post!