Sunday, March 04, 2012

In my subconscious

Ok, so last night's dreamland experience has left me completely perplexed. 3 totally different dreams. See below (listed in order of how they came to me in dreamland):

I had a dream about my sister going on several "dates" with men that wanted to be with her. They each started off like a speed date with the guy sitting on one side of the table. Each of the men seemed normal and fine until they stood up when suddenly things went wrong. They were all the right height, and their faces were all fairly decent, but when they stood up, they'd all have something quite wrong with them all of a sudden. I distinctly recall this one guy. When he stood up from behind the table he was sitting at, was half alien from the waist down and he had a giant alien vagina exposed to the world, as he was pantless. He really admired his alien vagina, and called a lot of attention to it. It sort of looked like a crazy alien forehead with slits and a hole in it, stuck right there in place of where is crotch should have been. It was all slimy and dropping this stringy slimy stuff as he walked. I just kept thinking "Nooo, I can't let Shell date this guy!" They ended up walking off together despite me thinking how awful and disturbing he was.

I also dreamed that I was living in what I thought was a mobile home but what I later remembered to be a giant motor home with an upstairs and main level, with a wood ceiling. I was living in it with a large family, and one man stood out in particular. He was REALLY old and scraggly looking and was obviously the center of the dream, other than the fact that the motor home was haunted. I never saw ghosts, but it was obviously haunted. I would come home to the motor home after working at a school all day and have to deal with the hauntings that were going on while looking after the really old guy. An ex-coworker of mine whom I'm still friends with was either living there or came to visit me often.

I also dreamed that I was at a new kind of resort where the main gimmick of the resort was a series of man-made canoeing/kayaking rivers. They were very elaborately done with concrete and tile work that was amazing, offering a tranquil serene effect, while at the same time presenting certain excitement and challenges to the kayaker. I say kayaker, because that's what I was doing, rather than canoeing. There were just endless "rivers" to kayak down, with different currents and sometimes sudden drops with mini-rapids. Nothing too scary though. I should find a way to patent that idea. I think people would totally go to a resort that offered a unique kayaking experience like that. It was set on a vast red soiled expanse and seemed to go on forever.

Be my guest to evaluate these and let me know what they meant. I looked in my dream book and still really can't figure them out. I AM quite tired, despite sleeping in, so they obviously gave me quite a restless sleep.

Jules :O?


don said...

My gosh!

Jules said...

LOL, Don.. I've left you nearly speechless! That is.. my subconscious combined with my ability to vividly describe what's in my head has...

SIMON said...

The first and last are not that unusual are they? Concern over your sis and dating and just a good idea dream.
The middle one is probably a little bit to do with your next post and itchy feet and maybe a suggestion as to how to travel so that everybody is accommodated, ie. in a giant motorhome!!

Why I didn't just say I've no idea I don't know!!

Jules said...

Hmmm, perhaps you're right, Si. Seems pretty straight forward!