Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Let Me Tell You About The.......

"Mom, if you don't have a penis, how do you go pee?"

"And yes mom, I was thinking... *giggles* I'm only 6 and I already have my private and you're already an adult and you don't have yours!"

"Girls have boobies and nipples."

Such sentences or statements from my 6 year old have prompted me to talk with my girlfriends about when is the right time to talk about the differences between girls and boys, the birds and the bees, etc. I thought that I could wait until he was at least twenty twelve, but it would seem not. One of my dear friends said that a friend of hers found a book when her kids were this age and read it to them. It is meant for children aged 4 - 7 years, so it's within the right age range. It's called "It's Not the Stork" and it's a detailed description of what makes a baby boy/boy/man different from a baby girl/girl/woman. It also talks about how babies are made.... and it uses real words.

So my son has been sick with strep throat the whole week and I've been home schooling him. I picked up the book yesterday and explained to him that what we were about to learn is a private matter that has to stay between family members only, and that he was not allowed to go talking to his friends at school or teachers or strangers at the park about any of the stuff I was about to teach him. So, prerequisite speech delivered, I decided to just jump into the book, and see what happened.

We got the answer to the pee question within the first few pages and then came the illustrations about what a girl and and what a boy had, front and back. Thanan was fascinated by this book and decided to end day one having covered just those 2 topics. How we pee, and what boys have... and he had a few questions about foreskin which maybe was a bit awkward for me... you know, since I don't have one and all.  Today he wanted to read on.

So at 6 years old, I read words like vagina, vulva, clitoris, sex, make love, egg cell, sperm cell, fetus, ovary, fallopian tubes and uterus to him. Ask me how uncomfortable reading about how a man's penis goes inside a woman's stretchy vagina and the hole in the man's penis releases sperm which is produced by the testicles and delivered by the vas deferens and swims up into the woman's fallopian tubes and connects with an egg was. Go ahead and ask me.


I wonder if I should just break out this song and dance around the living room happily like Mary Poppins might deliver it, or smooth like Dean Martin, the next time he wants to open the book.

Again, I wish I had Thor here to help with such a giant issue. I can only hope that I have the courage to continue educating my child. Thank God the book said that having "sex" or "making love" was only for a MAN and a WOMAN to do and made it seem only for the purpose of baby making and mentioned nothing about the actual thrill and addiction of it.

Jules :Ooy!


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

It 's true, children are more precocious, I'm sorry because that sense of innocence burns too quickly.

Thanks for the comment on photos "five lands" Italy, unfortunately many countries in the area were heavily damaged by the rains and flooding, landslides, it will take years to recover the ancient beauty.

A hug dear

Jules said...

I am sad to see his little innocence be leaving him too. Time is going by too quickly.

Omgoodness. I hadn't been watching international news lately. I'm finding that to be really sad that so much of that beauty is gone. :(

A hug back

SIMON said...

So how uncomfortable was it....?
OMG I know and I do sympathise, it must surely be one of the most awkward things for a single mom with a little man to do! The book is obviously a help but may have over confused the whole issue!
I would volunteer Thor to spend a little time to explain man to man when they are next together, it will really help.
Oh and for what it's worth, I'm the Dean Martin approach.
Hope your little man has recovered from strep and I'm sure one day he will recover from the book!!!

Jules said...

It has been a learning curve for us both, Si, but no, I don't think it confused anything. He just accepted the information and moved on. He hasn't brought it up at all since I've read it. LOL I think it was far more awkward for me than it was for him.