Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Loud music and spoons

I'm not sure there's anything cooler when you're a 6 year old than acting like crazy insane maniacs with your mom for family playtime.

Tonight I decided to kick the excitement level up a notch after mindlessly playing Beyblades and Jumbling Tower (like Jenga). I needed to pump the house full of music and teach Thanan something new. So I instructed him to go get 4 spoons from the silverware drawer and taught him how to hold onto them to play the spoons. Then I demonstrated how to do it and showed him fast and slow, soft and hard.. whatever the musical terms are.. and then I thought that we needed some good pumping beats to play them to.

My playlist was as such (and I'm telling you, I was playing it so loud I'm sure I disturbed the neighbors):

Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
Fireflies (Thanan's request) by Owl City
Ghosts n' Stuff by Deadmau 5
Hot Tottie by Usher
Not Myself Tonight by Christina Aguilera (he didn't watch the video, but you might want to... *wink*)
and we ended with It Feels Like Home To Me by Chantal Kreviazuk just to mellow out and slow dance together.

Thanan gave up on playing the spoons within the first song, and decided to do some mad drum skills on an orange bucket with his spoons instead and then eventually, we just danced around the living room like complete idiots. Well, I looked and acted like an idiot. Thanan was just uber cool.

So much fun.
THAT'S how to parent and create a bond with your child. Offer unconditional love and tons of fun.

Jules :OD


The Grunt said...

This sounds like a real fun activity. I could imagine doing something like this with my mother when I was your son's age. You are a really good mother, Jules.

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Your son is lucky to have a mother so attentive and playful!

When he grows with the years and they realize!

Hello dear

don said...

Maybe you should get Than a drum set? They make some pretty cool electric ones, and that way you could turn them down if they got too loud.

But then he might join a band.. :)

Jules said...

Grunty - It was really fun. Sometimes I can get out of hand and go wild. Thank you... I try to be a good mom.

Hi Ivo.. or Marlow.. what do I call you anyway? I'm not always this playful, but I do try to show him the value of "togetherness" and the importance of finding entertainment in simple things.

Don - I actually thought of getting him an electric drum set for Christmas this year. Being in a band isn't such a bad thing... I happen to know a really amazing guy who was in a band once. It didn't wreck him. So, I could think of worse things for Thanan.

Quiet Paths said...

We raised a drummer so yeah, it's very cool what you are doing.

Jules said...

Well, he seems to drum on everything always, so maybe that's the direction Thanan will go in as well, QP. :)

Siddhartha Joshi said...

This certainly sounds fun Jules, I am glad you did something ridiculous like this and had tons of fun.

I guess this is living life completely, if we can be kids even when we are adults :)