Monday, March 05, 2012

need your answer, please

Seriously some days I feel like I get NO time to relax.. to just sit down, put my feet up and stare blankly at a TV. Actually, I feel like this a lot.

So the question of the day is:

Is it better to have 2 or 3 really busy days where you cram all your crap in so that you can take 4 days easy, or alternate busy day/lazy day etc.?


Is it better to spread your things to do over all 7 days so that the "doing" doesn't ever end, but it doesn't seem overwhelming? 

I manage to get stuff done, but I always always feel busy. I'm lucky to have 30 - 60 minutes to myself any given day. Sometimes socializing takes up the time, sometimes maintaining family ties, sometimes work stuff, sometimes son stuff, sometimes my 2nd job, sometimes errands for the household, sometimes household upkeep (realize that last one contains probably 15 things in and of itself)... endless list.

So what are your thoughts? I'm seriously starting to think I need a spouse to help out around here and give me a reason to have down time to enjoy with.

I'll post a couple more photos, just to share. The top one is of Thanan when he was about 3, he obviously didn't get the idea of sitting on a bench. The bottom one was taken in a field just a few blocks away from my house one winter as the sun was setting. 

I should look to the calm colors of that last one and find some calm, but to me it almost makes me think of the storm that's outside right now. I do like pink/grey color combinations, though.

Jules :Oexhausted(


The Grunt said...

Yeah, having someone to help out with the house and raising your son would make a big difference. You can show Thor, or any other suitable man, this comment.

SIMON said...

I think you are maybe over thinking it all! Life needs to be versatile and not rigid, to enable a balance between all the important things.
Boredom is a killer but quality relaxation with others or not is a good thing.

Meanwhile keep the old photos coming, both of these are beautiful examples of contrast.

Jules said...

Grunty - Thank you for your permission! I will show him. :D

Si - Thanks for the compliment and the advice. I'll see if I can find balance.