Thursday, March 15, 2012

a poem from my brain

There once was a lady named Jesse
Who's hair looked best quite messy
She zigged it and zagged it
She spriggled and spragged it
Until she thought it most dressy.

She really was quite isolate
And wondered 'bout having a mate
She'd talk to her lover
And tried not to smother
While making a wish upon fate.

Everyday she would pray for much bliss
But sadly she would often just miss
Her man far away
And wish him to stay
And offer her one endless kiss.

The End.
Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

See you've changed your name then?!!
I can see where your minds at!!

The Grunt said...

If only companion dogs could hold steady, full-time jobs and listen long enough to how your day was without being distracted by moving cars and mailmen.

The Grunt said...

Don't listen to the guy above me (the red dude with the hammer who looks like he just took a big dump). He's a real asshole sometimes. I hear that if you laugh at his stupid jokes he'll go away.

Jules said...

I'm pretty transparent these days, Si, though I'd never change my name to Jesse on purpose. :)

Grunty, I didn't really get your first comment. Spend most of yesterday contemplating it. Thought you were saying men are dog assholes. But you've cleared that up for me. I was sort of understanding it though.

The Grunt said...

Animals are such good companions, that I wondered what it would be like if they could also pay the mortgage and pay attention. It doesn't solve the problem of your physical needs, unless you are sick (and you aren't). I once thought of a funny situation where a lonely person returns a dog to the pound. When asked why, the person responds, "Because he has a peanut allergy!" This proves that my mind is waaaaay more dirty and demented than it needs to be. Please, don't tell Jesus.

Quiet Paths said...

This is really sweet. I truly love the rhyme of isolate and mate... :)

Jules said...

OMG, Grunty. Did you just spend time actually thinking about beastiality? I won't tell the Big Guy. Don't worry.

QP - Aww, thank you! I don't really do poetry, usually. And I'm not sure I followed all the rules here, but I felt like expressing myself like that, that night. I'm glad you appreciate it. How's the whole "sending positive vibes" going? ;)

Quiet Paths said...

Still sending those cerebral suggestions out there. Any indication they are hitting their target? :) I'm your cheerleader! LOL

Jules said...

Sort of... but not overly. Maybe you should have your whole family do it...... keep cheering! (hugs)