Friday, March 09, 2012

simple pleasures

Perhaps I've already blogged these photos, but I've recently fallen back in love with this top one particularly, so I'm posting it now. 

I went for a day excursion this past summer with my boys and happened upon a place of scattered rose petals in the sand along the Bow River. It was stunning. I couldn't believe I had stumbled upon this yellow petal among all the red ones as it played the role of a heart shaped dish for the sand that was pushed up inside of it by the current of the water. 

Yes, those are my footprints. I totally love footprint photos. I think they're really cool because they always look like they're in 3-D to me. The sand here was very very wet and the water was very frigid.

Someone else had drawn the heart in the sand, not me, so I obviously had to take its photo. I love finding heart shaped things in natural settings. For a long time I collected heart shaped rocks for the rock garden in my front yard. There's something a little bit imperfect about this photo that I like.

Have a great weekend, to all you commentors AND all you lurkers out there.

Jules :Oj


The Grunt said...

I like the new profile pic.

SIMON said...

Have a great weekend yourself Jules.
I prefer the wider version of your top pic but it is simply gorgeous.
The footsteps are immaculate and the heart in the sand is imperfect but it matters not, they are all superb.
Well done and thanks for posting!!

Jules said...

Grunty - Thank you! I didn't think anyone ever really looked at that.

Si - Thanks back! It's a pretty trio. I couldn't recall if I'd posted it before or not.