Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mountains, Fungus and Moss

On my way to see Thor again this weekend, I had a bit of extra time before we would rendezvous, so I took a few moments to capture some shots. This mountain range is called "Three Sisters" and it stands majestically at Canmore, Alberta. 

I pulled off Highway 93 South into this little picnic area that was placed alongside a beautiful creek. There were fallen trees from the harsh winter, and this one had this most stunning fungus growing on it. It was soft and spongy and even though it was less than 2" wide and tall, it was sure an eye catcher.

At the same creek location, a little bit of sunlight filtered through the clouds, evergreens and newly budding shrubbery to illuminate the brightly green colored, deliciously woodsy scented forest floor. The moss was almost florescent. It really made me appreciate nature, especially after seeing the whiteness of winter for 6 months.

The time spent with Thor topped it all, though. It always does.

Jules :O)

Friday, April 27, 2012

you don't know what you've got till it's .. at risk.

It makes me sad.

I will have to have something done in the future that will change the way my voice sounds. It's imminent. I just don't know when yet.

What if I can't sing anymore?
What if I can't have adequate expression in my voice when I talk?
What if my new voice doesn't suit me?
What if my relationships change because I don't sound like me anymore or they don't like how I sound?

I was singing tonight because I love to sing. My voice is hoarse. I'm hoping that it's just allergies. But whether it's because of the thing behind my inevitable procedure or not, I couldn't sing well with my hoarseness and it depressed me. So now I'm writing my third post of the day. Funny how you can go to the tranquility of birds, to the silliness of today's top music, to realizing that your singing voice is in jeopardy and feeling like crying. From serenity to tears.

It was told to me I will have a different voice, no getting around it. I will either be quieter, or hoarser.

Will I still feel like me?
Will my boys know it's me?
Will my boyf recognize me on the other end of the phone?
Will I be able to get used to how I sound?

I guess it could be worse......

J :'O(

how fowl of you!

One of the great things about this time of year is the return of all the different types of birds. Though I wouldn't want to own a bird, I appreciate them in the wild. Quite a bit. 

This duck was literally walking on water, it was just about thawed out, a layer of slush on top of the thinnest layer of ice. I watched him walk all the way across the pond and was amused by the trail he left. As he waddled, picking up his tiny little bright orange feet, I was amused by the little splashes of water as they fell away behind him.

I don't know my birds, though. I am not a Birder at all. What's this one, below? Whatever it is, it really enjoyed the sunshine and birdseed this day when I went for a nice mid-morning of exercise with my sister and our kids. Pity I cut it's tail off in the shot. Oh well. I love how it stands out among the dogwood shrubs behind it. 

Enjoy your upcoming weekend, I hope you get to see something that makes you stop and appreciate the wonders of nature. 

Jules :O) 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Natural Textures

I was stuck in a 3 hour meeting the other day and was encouraged by Thor via text to go and enjoy the outdoors after it was over, to try to get rid of my increasing headache. Good suggestion, he knows me well. I went for a walk around and decided to take photos. It wasn't until tonight when I was looking back at them that I discovered that I was drawn to textures that day. So I thought I'd share them for your visual pleasure. Do you feel stimulated?  I took some bird photos too, but I'll post them another time as they don't really fit in here. 




Young Bark

Thawing Reflection

Jules :O)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

you animals!

I spent a wonderful weekend in the Rockies with my dear Thor this weekend. Every time we go to this one location, there are at least some Big Horn Sheep. This time was no exception. We spend a portion of one of the mornings on a walk and came across a large herd of them. There weren't any really big males, it seemed like a fairly young bunch. They weren't very horny, except for the one that was feeling frisky and tried to mount a young female. That was entertaining.  So, without more of an intro than that, here are three lovely photos of some very cool animals. 

This one had the largest horns of the bunch, I think.

This one never took it's eyes off of us. 

 I think it sort of looks a bit creepy how this last one's legs are folded beneath it. Strange. 

UPDATE: I decided to add the one of the horny sheep about to
mount a female.. just for Sids. See it on the rise there? 
Not the greatest photo, but it was worth a chuckle.

Jules :O)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

powerful moment

We had just finished the treasure hunt and we were having a 5 minute play break while I got ready for the next Spring Break Party activity. She leaned against the back of the couch, watching the festivities at hand and said to me: "You're SUCH a good mom, Jule...... you're a better mom than I was when you were his age..." as she glanced towards Thanan and back to me. I had to promptly swallow hard, hug her tightly and say "Noooo.. you are an awesome mom!"

But I could have cried in that moment.

... I still could.

Jules xoxo

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Quest to Conquer

I wish I was:
a) in good enough shape to do this.
b) able to know I could get the time off to do this.
c) confident enough in myself to believe I could actually do something like this.
d) not let fear and doubt get in the way of life.

Oh, hey. Do me a favor. Send up a bunch of prayers for my Dad, ya? He's got a great attitude about it all, so I'm trying hard to absorb that and add to his strength.

I love you, Daddy.
Jules xoxox

Friday, April 06, 2012


I want to talk about being sad. I want to talk about why I'm sad. I want to scream and cry and just let all my emotions out, but I can't. There are too many people who might take it all the wrong way, or whatever.

It's not even really about me, in the grand scheme of things, yet I feel compelled today and tonight to act selfishly and think how easily life is changeable.

I've had enough loses in my life recently. I suppose just like about 4 billion other people. See.. selfish to think the way I am. Things really do test one's ability to stay strong and move forward with a sense of certainty.

I guess that's all. My phone's ringing.

Jules :(

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It FINALLY Happened

My son will be waking up to this note in the morning:

April 4, 2012

Dear Thanan,

Oh WOW! Congratulations on the loss of your first tooth! I have been keeping my eye on you for the past 3 weeks, from the very first time you felt it wiggle, and waiting ever so patiently for it to work its way loose. I know that you had a little bit of help from your Mommy in getting it to come out, but that’s ok. You were both very brave! I watched the whole thing happen from my magic crystal ball up in the town of Babytooth in the secret garden of Fairyland.

My favorite part about watching a child lose his or her first tooth is the new, big, bold and beautiful smile they display immediately after it falls out. Your new smile is outstanding! Your Mommy sent me this picture, which I will hang on my “Memories” Bulletin Board. [I'm not into uploading face on photos of my son..sorry]

Keep looking after your teeth very well, dear Nathan. Once your adult teeth come in, they are the last set of teeth you will ever have. You must brush and floss and swish with mouthwash every day, ok?

I absolutely look forward to looking into my crystal ball and seeing the rest of your baby teeth fall out. It is such a pleasure rewarding you with this $5.50 for your first tooth. It is in splendid condition. The first tooth is always the most special, indeed.

Enjoy your new smile, Nathan. It will just keep changing and getting better from now on! 

With lots of love,
The Tooth Fairy


On a personal note: I can not believe I actually participated in extracting a dangling tooth without passing out. If this confuses you, shame on you for not reading every post I write and it's now your job to go back a few and find out what the heck I'm talking about. I feel like I've done some right of passage thing and now I really get to have the title: MOMMY. I did SO great, and so did Thanan. He wanted me to tug it out with pliers (it was just too small to grip with my fingers). And man, oh man, did we ever celebrate!! I don't think I've ever heard Thanan be more excited about anything. Ever. Great afternoon! 

Jules :Owow!

Monday, April 02, 2012


I just got tested for allergies. Apparently I have 4 of them. Cats, hamsters, canola pollen and house dust. Yay. Explains why I'm always stuffed up. How many years did I own cats for, how often do I dust my house, and how many of those canola fields do I drive past all summer long?

I'm quite surprised that dogs didn't come into play there. Whenever a dog drools, playfully nibbles at or scratches me, I get itchy hives, too. Maybe he didn't test me for dog.

Solutions suggested to me were the basic allergy pills, find one that clears me up and stick with it, or rotate through them, or start using a neti-pot or other application of salt water to flush out the sinuses. I don't know about that though. Has anyone who reads my blog tried a neti-pot? Do you like it? Does it work?

Jules :O?

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Not awesome.

So, I thought that ...

Dear God. Sorry, I just got really distracted. I turned it to channel 2 so I could watch the Amazing Race and the Juno's are just starting instead and William Shatner is doing some opening number and it SUCKS. Sorry, William. I know you're Canadian so I should support you, but you should not and can not get away with "speaking" your way through rock songs like Summer of 69 and Raise a Little Hell. Total WTF moment. That was not good. But I guess it did distract me for a few minutes, as my jaw hit the ground and eyes became affixed at the sheer wrongness of it all.

..... I had a whole bunch of rantage going on in this spot last night, but tonight am feeling more positive, so I think deleting it all is called for. The only part that I still want to mention is how gawdy the giant huge pimple on my chin is. Damn hormones. Or damn stress. Not sure which it is. How about damn the stress that have thrown my hormones out of whack and created this enormous volcano on my face. Does that work?

Jules :Ozits.suck!