Friday, April 27, 2012

how fowl of you!

One of the great things about this time of year is the return of all the different types of birds. Though I wouldn't want to own a bird, I appreciate them in the wild. Quite a bit. 

This duck was literally walking on water, it was just about thawed out, a layer of slush on top of the thinnest layer of ice. I watched him walk all the way across the pond and was amused by the trail he left. As he waddled, picking up his tiny little bright orange feet, I was amused by the little splashes of water as they fell away behind him.

I don't know my birds, though. I am not a Birder at all. What's this one, below? Whatever it is, it really enjoyed the sunshine and birdseed this day when I went for a nice mid-morning of exercise with my sister and our kids. Pity I cut it's tail off in the shot. Oh well. I love how it stands out among the dogwood shrubs behind it. 

Enjoy your upcoming weekend, I hope you get to see something that makes you stop and appreciate the wonders of nature. 

Jules :O) 


Quiet Paths said...

You did a great take of that chickadee on the bottom! They are difficult because they flit around so much. Nice job. I think it is a black capped chickadee.

Jules said...

QP - Thank you for letting me know what it was! Yes, it was difficult, and made more so by being with several children who kept making them fly away.