Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It FINALLY Happened

My son will be waking up to this note in the morning:

April 4, 2012

Dear Thanan,

Oh WOW! Congratulations on the loss of your first tooth! I have been keeping my eye on you for the past 3 weeks, from the very first time you felt it wiggle, and waiting ever so patiently for it to work its way loose. I know that you had a little bit of help from your Mommy in getting it to come out, but that’s ok. You were both very brave! I watched the whole thing happen from my magic crystal ball up in the town of Babytooth in the secret garden of Fairyland.

My favorite part about watching a child lose his or her first tooth is the new, big, bold and beautiful smile they display immediately after it falls out. Your new smile is outstanding! Your Mommy sent me this picture, which I will hang on my “Memories” Bulletin Board. [I'm not into uploading face on photos of my son..sorry]

Keep looking after your teeth very well, dear Nathan. Once your adult teeth come in, they are the last set of teeth you will ever have. You must brush and floss and swish with mouthwash every day, ok?

I absolutely look forward to looking into my crystal ball and seeing the rest of your baby teeth fall out. It is such a pleasure rewarding you with this $5.50 for your first tooth. It is in splendid condition. The first tooth is always the most special, indeed.

Enjoy your new smile, Nathan. It will just keep changing and getting better from now on! 

With lots of love,
The Tooth Fairy


On a personal note: I can not believe I actually participated in extracting a dangling tooth without passing out. If this confuses you, shame on you for not reading every post I write and it's now your job to go back a few and find out what the heck I'm talking about. I feel like I've done some right of passage thing and now I really get to have the title: MOMMY. I did SO great, and so did Thanan. He wanted me to tug it out with pliers (it was just too small to grip with my fingers). And man, oh man, did we ever celebrate!! I don't think I've ever heard Thanan be more excited about anything. Ever. Great afternoon! 

Jules :Owow!


don said...

very sweet!

Tys on Ice said...

why doesnt posts like this come with a like button?

iam so into tooth somehow enables us to weave magic into something so simple as a loss of a allows us to give it the importance it requires...

The Grunt said...

Congrats to your little boy's first lost tooth! Congrats to you not losing your lunch! And congrats to this post's title because it made me think of various funny things that had nothing to do with the subjects of: losing one's virginity, getting their period, the high score on Space Invaders (shows how out of touch I am), a rich relative dying, and a peace summit between cats and dogs. Actually, I thought you may have got engaged.

Jules said...

Don - Thank you! I do try to be sweet, as a general rule... "try" being the key word. :)

Tys - you and your fb lingo. ;p I'm all up for weaving magic and adding pleasure to the simplest things, but I think the tooth fairy is a strange concept. I mean, what does she do with all those teeth, anyway? Make necklaces?

Grunty - Thank you x 3! I'm glad I could get your imagination rolling. And lastly... I wish. For some reason, that prayer keeps going unanswered.