Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mountains, Fungus and Moss

On my way to see Thor again this weekend, I had a bit of extra time before we would rendezvous, so I took a few moments to capture some shots. This mountain range is called "Three Sisters" and it stands majestically at Canmore, Alberta. 

I pulled off Highway 93 South into this little picnic area that was placed alongside a beautiful creek. There were fallen trees from the harsh winter, and this one had this most stunning fungus growing on it. It was soft and spongy and even though it was less than 2" wide and tall, it was sure an eye catcher.

At the same creek location, a little bit of sunlight filtered through the clouds, evergreens and newly budding shrubbery to illuminate the brightly green colored, deliciously woodsy scented forest floor. The moss was almost florescent. It really made me appreciate nature, especially after seeing the whiteness of winter for 6 months.

The time spent with Thor topped it all, though. It always does.

Jules :O)


The Grunt said...

Those are some young, perky mountains! The moss was good too.

Quiet Paths said...

A beautiful shot of the Three Sisters. Wow.

Jules said...

LOL!! Grunty, you dirty man.

QP - Yes, I usually exit into Canmore at the second exit, but this time I took the first one, and bam, there they were. I'll take that exit more often.

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

You were in a lovely place, I also like the mountain but only in summer.

I'm glad you liked the castle, the main photo is not mine, the images of the slides I made them.

Hello dear

Jules said...

I loved lots of those photos, Ivo!