Saturday, April 21, 2012

Natural Textures

I was stuck in a 3 hour meeting the other day and was encouraged by Thor via text to go and enjoy the outdoors after it was over, to try to get rid of my increasing headache. Good suggestion, he knows me well. I went for a walk around and decided to take photos. It wasn't until tonight when I was looking back at them that I discovered that I was drawn to textures that day. So I thought I'd share them for your visual pleasure. Do you feel stimulated?  I took some bird photos too, but I'll post them another time as they don't really fit in here. 




Young Bark

Thawing Reflection

Jules :O)


don said...

Wow great pics!

Jules said...

Thank you! :*

Quiet Paths said...

I really enjoyed these. Great colors all the way around. More please!

Jules said...

I tend to do a lot of macro photography.. I'm sure there will be more textured pics to come! Thank you for your feedback, QP!