Sunday, April 01, 2012

Not awesome.

So, I thought that ...

Dear God. Sorry, I just got really distracted. I turned it to channel 2 so I could watch the Amazing Race and the Juno's are just starting instead and William Shatner is doing some opening number and it SUCKS. Sorry, William. I know you're Canadian so I should support you, but you should not and can not get away with "speaking" your way through rock songs like Summer of 69 and Raise a Little Hell. Total WTF moment. That was not good. But I guess it did distract me for a few minutes, as my jaw hit the ground and eyes became affixed at the sheer wrongness of it all.

..... I had a whole bunch of rantage going on in this spot last night, but tonight am feeling more positive, so I think deleting it all is called for. The only part that I still want to mention is how gawdy the giant huge pimple on my chin is. Damn hormones. Or damn stress. Not sure which it is. How about damn the stress that have thrown my hormones out of whack and created this enormous volcano on my face. Does that work?

Jules :Ozits.suck!

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