Monday, April 02, 2012


I just got tested for allergies. Apparently I have 4 of them. Cats, hamsters, canola pollen and house dust. Yay. Explains why I'm always stuffed up. How many years did I own cats for, how often do I dust my house, and how many of those canola fields do I drive past all summer long?

I'm quite surprised that dogs didn't come into play there. Whenever a dog drools, playfully nibbles at or scratches me, I get itchy hives, too. Maybe he didn't test me for dog.

Solutions suggested to me were the basic allergy pills, find one that clears me up and stick with it, or rotate through them, or start using a neti-pot or other application of salt water to flush out the sinuses. I don't know about that though. Has anyone who reads my blog tried a neti-pot? Do you like it? Does it work?

Jules :O?


The Grunt said...

Well, if you were also farting a lot, we'd have too much in common;)

don said...

I've used a neti-pot. It does clean you out but I never got in the habbit of doing it. You must make sure the water you use is clean as people have died due to an amoeba being in the water and going into the brain. Maybe boil the water first.

Quiet Paths said...

We use a Neti pot but not like every day. If you use filtered water that's the way to go. Never use it warm out of the tap because hot water heaters have icky stuff growing in them unless the water you have is pretty chlorinated but then I still wouldn't use it out of the tap without being filtered. And the really important thing is the salt measurement. A quarter tsp usually works for me. Anymore or less it hurts... It actually helps - we have allergies too.