Thursday, May 31, 2012

7 Super Shots

Fellow blogger, Nisha from LeMonde, didn't exactly tag me in a meme, but she did say in her post that anyone was welcome to join in, and then she reiterated it in her comment back to me.  So after looking through some of my photos from the past 4 years, I decided that I had some decent enough ones to play along. Let me interject, all of my photos on my blog are copyrighted by myself and no, you may not take them without my permission. That being said... on with the post. I haven't done a meme in about 4 years, but this one is cool. The meme is 7 Super Shots and it originated from a blog called HostelBookers.  All you have to do is find a photo that you took that satisfies the 7 listed specifications below and tell a little blurb about it. So here we go. I'll leave this meme open to anyone who reads this and wants to join. But specifically, I'd love to tag Sid the Wanderer and Quiet Paths. If anyone does participate, please come back and let me know here, so I can come check out your 7 Super Shots! 

#1: Takes My Breath Away - Windy Point 

This not only figuratively takes my breath away because it is such a gorgeous view, with the turquoise Abraham Lake off to the left and awesome mountains to the right, but it literally takes your breath away as well. Standing on Windy Point will suck the air right out of you and leave you gasping if you stand a certain way. It's ALWAYS windy, never calm; so windy that it's a challenge to even stand there. The wind makes the water dance, sparkle and glisten in the sun. It definitely takes my breath away.

#2: Makes Me Laugh or Smile - Mountain Goat

It really was so wonderful to experience Highline Trail in Glacier National Park, Montana in 2010. This was the first time I'd had any personal encounters with mountain goats. I thought their calm and slightly timid demeanor was cool and every time I saw another one, I couldn't help but smile. This one was one of the last we saw this day. Perched up above us, about 8 feet up from the trail, poking out with a toothy little smile as the wind swept his hair and cooled him in the heat of the day. I can't look at it without remembering the greatness of that whole day and smiling.

#3: Makes Me Dream - Delicate Moments

After climbing up to the top of Wildhorse Island, with Thor for the 3rd time and Thanan for the first time, the two of them sat there from the best vantage point and looked down to see what they'd accomplished, and to take in the perfection around them. For about the hundredth time that weekend, I had thought how much I loved the idea of Thor being Thanan's step-dad. I thought it would be a wonderful dream come true if that ever happened. I'm still dreaming.. hoping it will come true one day.

#4: Makes Me Think - 30,000 Feet High

Being in a plane does nothing but make you think these days. I never worry when I'm on one, however. I just can't stop thinking about the destination, how much fun I'll have, what new adventures await, what new people will I meet, etc. I also think, when I was a child, my parents told me that when a body passed away, the soul went to Heaven and that Heaven is above the clouds. Having seen "above the clouds", I wonder how much higher up Heaven must be.

#5: Makes My Mouth Water - Harvest

I used to have a couple of garden boxes in my back yard. I've had one in every house I've owned. Sadly, I built a garage in my back yard last year, and no longer have the room for a vegetable garden. But I loved producing my own food... getting in there with my own hands to feel and clean the dirt, to nurse the plants to vitality with water and careful nurturing. Then to do a harvest was amazing. My favorite things from a fresh vegetable garden are baby potatoes and peas. So delicious. And growing it yourself gives you a great deal of satisfaction. Even if it means having to grow it all season and just get a few meals out of it in the fall.

#6: Tells A Story - Canadian Northern Railway Roundhouse Remains

You board a steam engine train from Stettler on a hot summer's day and you slowly chug your way to your destination of Big Valley, Alberta. Big Valley is a tiny village still today, with remnants and history stemming back to 1910 when it was a pioneer settlement and became an integral part of four eras: the ranching era, the rail era, the coal era and the oil boom era. Much of it is a protected ecological site today. When you go tour the village, you get a real sense of history and can't help but adore the quaintness of the whole experience. This door was part of the Roundhouse for the Railway, way back when.

#7: Most Proud Of (aka National Graphic Shot) - Sunflower Fields 

We have two attractions in central Alberta that are known for being natural mazes. One is a corn maze in Lacombe, the other is the Bowden Sun Maze. I'm not sure one has seen beauty until you've walked through and seen sunlight reach down and take presence in the form of a million flowers standing bright and tall before you, each one a representation of the sun itself. You can not help but be happy here. I think that I did a great job capturing the essence of the sun itself by capturing this macro of this perfect sunflower. I'm always doing close ups of flowers, but this one, I think it exceptional.

Hope you've enjoyed the first meme I've done in 4 years. Let me know if you decide to do your own!!

Jules :O)


Nisha said...

Has Thor read this post? :)

If not, make him read.
Jules, thanks for doing this meme. All the pictures suit very well to their captions.
I liked the mountain goat one which made me smile too and the one which has Thor and Thanan. What a delicate moment it would have been.

Nisha - Le Monde-A Poetic Travail

SIMON said...

Every picture is worthy of mention, but #7 just gets in there as I too think it's exceptional! Sunflowers are amazing and that is a fantastic attraction and gets better dependent upon the size of the people you are with!!!

I think the last time you did a meme was the last time I did one too but I will do this one over the next couple of days and let you and Nisha know. Thank you.

The Grunt said...

I wonder what flavor that lake would be, based on its color? It's very beautiful. I hope you get the family that you deserve, Jules!

SIMON said...

So I've done this post myself
over here

Jules said...

Nisha - I'm hoping he has read it... :)

Si - it was a spectacular place to visit. :)

Grunty - I think the flavor has to be blue raspberry... you know like in the blue freezies we used to eat as a kid?