Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A funny story from today

Everyone's heard the term "Muscle Car" before, but never before today had I ever seen the concept illustrated with so much humor. 

I was about to turn down 32 St, which is a main road here in this city. Traffic wasn't too heavy. I was waiting to turn right onto the street and as I did, along side me was this gorgeous old Mustang, just like this one, except for the color. It was painted a blue that almost matched my car, but perhaps a few shades lighter and it had white race stripes up the middle of it. 

The Mustang has always been the only muscle car that's ever really caught my attention. There's just something about them that I think looks really cool. 

Anyway, I didn't even take note of who was either driving or riding in the car, just that there were both a driver and passenger. I was just looking at the car itself. Then, as the car pulled up beside me at the first stop light, I glanced slightly to the right to keep admiring it, and the passenger rolled down the window, and very suggestively rested his elbow on the bottom of the window sill, while holding on to the top of the door frame with the normal right angle pose one takes as they drive with their arm in the window. Right. So no big deal. 

Until he looked at me, flashed me a ridiculous smile, then totally flexed his bicep as the light turned green and we drove down the road. The entire way from that intersection, to 30Ave where they turned off, he kept his arm tightly flexed. Lord almighty, how it must have been burning, because we got stuck at several red lights. He just kept it flexed though. He was hellbent on putting on a show.

Hence, the term "Muscle Car". Apparently riding in one makes a man feel the need to flex his muscles to passers-by. I wonder if he'd be gutted to know that I was giggling uncontrollably at him for the remainder of my drive. A giggle that was suggestive of the hilarity of the whole thing, rather than feeling impressed at his attempt to flirt and flash his muscles in his friend's Mustang. Bwahahaha. I mean.. honestly!! It was so hilarious, the whole scene! 

My boyf's muscles, by the way, are FAR more impressive than that guy's were, and maybe one day we'll spruce up his Mustang and he can flex his for me while we take it out for a spin. 

Jules :Ohaha! 


SIMON said...

Lovely story!!
I love all the 'Bumblebee' lookalikes. The Camaro wanna bees(!) The people that think an all yellow car with black Bumblebee stripes gives them a 'muscle car' even if it's a truck or small mini car.
Gives photographers good opportunity though hey?!

Jules said...

LOL! I think it would have been a bit awkward for me to pull my camera out and snap a photo at that scene. I lol at people who try to inappropriately make their regular vehicles racey too. It's funny.

The Grunt said...

I think the guy over committed himself. I'm guessing that if it were a young Steve McQueen in a '68 fastback, it would have been the opposite of a tragic comedy. I love the old Mustangs. The first models were really "Pony" cars--light and sporty--and that's what I find appealing about them. I would love to have a late sixties fastback model as a "track day" car.

Quiet Paths said...

Haha dang that must have been so awkward - the long, drawn out overextended flex. I am laughing right now at the image in my mind. And now I am smiling at your last paragraph too.

Jules said...

Grunty - Oh he totally over committed himself! It was so funny. I wish I'd have been driving beside them for longer.

QP - Even now, this much time later, I still have a giggle at it, Christine! Thor's muscles out rank that guy's by far.