Sunday, May 27, 2012

I've been meaning to say this for a while...

Maybe I'll end up being the only person who will publicly admit to this and somehow it will come back to royally bite me in my rosy pink pucker, but... I think Facebook and Twitter sort of are useless and suck, and I hate that the world has adopted a dependence on them. Twitter is not much more than saying to people "I only have 30 seconds to communicate with you" and Facebook has become not much more than a gaming site, with little tiny bits of useless profile status updates. Rarely is there anything worthwhile to read on there anymore.

I have an account in both, and I feel it's used more for spite than it is for any good. Twitter is a stronger social networking medium than Facebook, in my opinion, but only if you're smart enough to add plenty of local people to your account.

But you want to know something? I'd rather not have either account, but now that I have followers and friends in both, I feel like I'd be letting them down somehow or fear losing contact with them (mostly I'm afraid of losing contact with family members I never get to see from Facebook) should I choose to delete my accounts. Or worse yet... if I suddenly disappear from those sites, all those people will be somehow *insulted* that I no longer am their "friend". Let me tell you something, World. Just because I decide to delete you off my account doesn't mean there isn't a friendship of some sort still there. It just means facebook and twitter no longer hold my interest and I think it's waste of time, and we should get back to doing things "old school" like through a phone or email. I seriously think I'll delete all of my followers that aren't actually family and solely use it just to keep in contact with my parents, cousins, aunts and uncles before too long.

It's sad to me, how social media is so tied into the world that you can now publicly buy stocks in some of it. I also think it's a bit ironic how the day after Facebook stocks were released they fell in value. Why are we putting so much of ourselves into silly little gimmicks? I've known far too many misinterpretations and mis-communications that have happened because of a single status update in Facebook than I can even fathom. Far too many people get hurt or insulted, and far too many people are afraid to write anything worthwhile in them for fear it will be taken the wrong way, over-read, or be used to spread rumors with. I know I censor myself daily in both sites. But what is good in that? Why are we buying stocks in that? Do we really need a medium to brag about ourselves? It's making us less genuine people and while we are told it will bring us closer, I really feel like it's dividing us.

It started with MySpace, then Facebook, LinkdIn, Twitter, Pinterest... and whatever other sites are out there.. that type of social media is consuming people beyond the point of no return. The really shitty thing is, I feel like I sort of have no choice but to keep up with it all and understand it all so that one day when my 10 year old comes home asking for a Twitter account so he can announce the Lemonade Stand he'll be having on such-and-such a date and attract customers, I'll be able to know what the heck he's talking about. If I'm out of touch, who knows what he will get up to online when he's of an age where I'll actually allow him unsupervised computer use. I'm not naive. I know what can happen online when you're too immature to know better.

Am I a business associate? Do you really need to invite me to LinkedIn? No. So don't.

Ugh. The whole thing just irks me to some degree. I just don't know to what degree yet. What is boiling point? If I ever reach that, don't be surprised if I vanish from everywhere other than my beloved 6 year relationship with blogger.

..... you won't ever hear me say anything negative about blogging. I love it. I guess all social media doesn't suck. Maybe I'll check out Pinterest tomorrow. Have to be in the know.

I don't want to be a part of a world where everybody is friends with everybody, yet nobody knows anyone. I think that's gross.

Jules :O?!


The Grunt said...

Long live real, old-school bloggers and Blogger! The rest is something, like you, I do to keep a limited amount of people happy. I never tell them about my blog. Oh no, they are not ruining that for me!!!

Shell said...

Well, you know how I feel about useless, bragging, look at me facebook - I want to just delete the whole damn thing. And my poor blog, which was used against me, but I surge on and continue to blog privately, out of the eyes that can use my personal thoughts to judge.

And my beloved twitter... well I have so much more postive stuff to say other than negative (I refuse to let 3 bad seeds taint the good stuff). Because of twitter, I have met so many amazing people, shared some awesome triumphs and had too many good laughs to hold ill feeling.

However, I miss communicating with people old school sometimes, but that's the way the world is heading for sure. You can even add texting in there, with all the pitfalls that you described to facebook. I miss hearing voices, having real conversations, not wondering why a text is taking SO long to come back.

But, as they say, if you don't move along with the times, you get left behind.

don said...

I've been avoiding people from my past so I've avoided facebook. The thought of friending and then unfriending people like that doesn't make sense to me. I think it blurs the lines of friendship too much.

But that's just me. It seems to work for everyone else.

SIMON said...

Anyone who knows me would know Twitter would never suit me, express myself in 160 characters!!! I ask you, but I do have an account!!!

Yep blogger and blogs wins by a long way, I do have 3 of them and the main ones that I follow bring me a lot of pleasure and have done since time immemorial!! I've also had some really bad times with not blogs but bloggers but that is history.
I put links to my blog on Facebook and its not perfect I know but sometimes just a like or a word helps you know that friends are ok, when just maybe life is moving too quick for old school, phones and e mails.
Also in defense of Facebook as a single guy on a dating site it does make it a tad easier for people to check out families etc of others. Though I hate how everybody assumes that you play all the stupid FB games!!

As for the Twitter account for the lemonade stand as that is a couple of years off, I couldn't possibly predict what social networks will be used then or how we will access them but there will always be some people that will know!

It's a tough one Jules but you must do what you think is right!

I certainly won't be buying shares in any of them, nor using anything other than blogger, Facebook and my unsmart phone any time soon!