Thursday, June 28, 2012

6 things.

1) I need to start doing my yoga again. It was making me feel better. It energized me and took away this annoying tailbone pain that I suffer with if I sit for too long since I fell right on it on a skating rink last winter.

2) I interviewed for a part time job today to work as a PCA for a man with cerebral palsy, to start in September once my boys are back in school and I need to fill my days doing something worthwhile.

3) I can't wait to spend Canada Day with Thor this year. Even though the rest of my family has flaked on me, it really doesn't matter because he'll be here.

4) Thanan had his last day of Grade 1 and his report card was really great. He and I are equally proud of him and he gets to move on to Grade 2 in the fall. We need to work on 2 major things this summer: writing faster and neater, and taking accountability for his actions. He received a mark of "excellent" in Math. This is a relief to me. I hope he always finds dealing with numbers an easy thing.

5) I think I'll see if I can undergo hypnosis to keep me from eating sugary things. Today was an epic fail for me and I'll be paying for it I'm certain. To celebrate Thanan's graduation, I took him for an ice cream and had one. Then I also ate 3 of those little 2-bite brownies after supper. Not smart. That alone was almost 50g of sugar. Oy. I'll have to do a parasite cleanse or a candida cleanse right away. Before I go on holiday.

6) I'm really getting excited about going on holiday! Thor and I are planning to meet at Flathead Lake and then camp along the way from Apgar in West Glacier through towards Waterton, but not right at Waterton. We'll do day trips there for kayaking and hiking. I must remember to go get some good hiking boots. Really. It's time.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chronicle of Monday

11am - I receive news that someone I care about is repeating history... not a good history.
[first blow delivered]

1130am - I receive news that someone else I care about is repeating history... one that ended horribly.
[second blow delivered]

12:00pm - I endure the loudest most crazy lunch supervision duty that I can imagine.
[headache begins]

12:20pm - I am texted and told that the first someone mentioned above didn't even want to tell me what was up because they didn't want to be judged.
[third blow delivered, as I thought I was a non-judgmental person.. but come to think of it, I did vocalize my view on the subject... I wonder if I am a bad person...]

12:30pm - Dash home and try to look beautiful and bright eyed for a part-time job interview.

1:00 - 1:50pm - Engage in a delightful conversation more than an interview with 2 wonderful people. Get offered a job largely based on when I would be available to start.
[stomach churns because I really want to do this, I don't want to lose the opportunity because of a lack of availability]

Afternoon - I forget to nourish my body at all.

5:30pm - I arrive at second person's house mentioned above and wait for them to arrive so we can talk about the day's events and find out there are massive changes that just happened over the weekend.. or really just a day and a half.
[fourth blow delivered and instant stomach and intestinal cramping begins, I feel like I might pass out and can't decide if this is an illness or extreme stress. I wonder if this is what an ulcer feels like...]

6:00pm - I munch down some antacid, it doesn't help.

6:01pm - I realize that I will be totally alone in this city for the next week.
[deliver fifth blow]

7:40pm - I drive home, hoping to make it without passing out or throwing up. I put the boys to bed and take a warm bath. It doesn't relax me, but at least I'm clean.

9:18pm - I write this blog post. Why? Hoping maybe getting my very vague thoughts out will help.
[cramps start again]

I think it's time for bed early tonight. Really early. But first I'll pray that tomorrow is a better day. Pr else I'll pray for the ability to just let go and let things be... because really at the end of the day, they aren't my worries, are they?

Jules :Ough(

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Something pretty

Hmm. I opened up this screen thinking I had something to write about but then I drew a blank. So I suppose I'll just post a few flower photos and be done with it for today. Here's some pretty floral eye candy. Which one's your favorite of this series?

Jules :O)

Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm 36 Today...

In honor of my birthday, I shall share a funny story with you that happened yesterday while I was antique shopping with my mom.

We entered the large antique store and were nicely welcomed by the man standing behind the counter. Then this all went down and had me chuckling out loud for a good portion of the rest of my day.

Man: Hello ladies, how are you today?
Mom and I: Good, thank you... Just dandy, thank you!

(I am quickly off in la-la-land, looking at cool old things, but paying attention to the conversation)

Mom: How are you, is the question!
Man: Not so great, but that is a loooong story.
Mom: I see! I'm a good listener and I've got coffee!
Man: Yes, but is it Timmy's??
Mom: Yes, actually, it is!
Man: (laughs)

(Be patient, the punchline is coming)

Mom and I carry on looking and discussing the store items with the man, and the conversation turns more personal. The man mentions that business isn't going so well because the residents of his town really don't support local business, and what a shame that is.

Me: Ohhh, so is that part of the answer to the question... why you're not doing so well?
Man: Well to be honest with you, it all started 69 years ago with a violent passage through the birth canal and it hasn't gotten much better since!
Mom and I: HAHA!!!
Me: Ohhhh... we probably shouldn't be laughing at that... [continuous giggles for remainder of day]

I just thought that was such a hilarious outlook on birth. Suitable story for my birthday, right?

Happy day to you all out there. Smile at someone random as a present for me today.

Jules :O)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

This can't be good.....

It really starts to make you think something's up when you notice people in these suits obviously doing something important, being photographed by a guy in an official looking uniform. 

It's not until you follow the whole scene and watch it play out for a moment that you notice what it's all about. In this case, it was about a MASSIVE swarm/nest of yellowjackets taking up residence in this poor innocent tree in the parking lot of Collicutt Center. This swarm was very active, with literally hundreds of wasps flying around and swarming the trunk of the tree. I'd say it measured at least a foot and a half high by a foot wide. Excuse the poor quality of the photos, I wasn't brave enough to roll down my windows to take the shots....

... but I don't think you would blame me... would you? Here's a zoom in of just that one small section where those branches cross in the above photo. This freaks me out to no end. If you're wandering around there, be safe in the west parking lot. I won't be walking around there anytime soon.

Jules :Oyikes!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Green Grace

It is amazing to me how just when you want Him to most be with you, He comes to you in the simplest of forms. 

I've planted beans in my gardens every year for the past 10 years and have never noticed until today while I was standing at my kitchen sink, looking at a plant my son brought home from school, that the leaf of a bean plant is shaped just like a heart. I noticed this while praying about receiving my test results, which I'll be getting an an hour from now. 

How could I go for that many years intimately dealing with bean plants without noticing this until this moment? 

I'm going to choose to recognize this as divine intervention, and to me it says that His love is all around me, and regardless of the results, I will be in His Grace. I love that it's green too.. green means life. 

Wish me luck. Pray for me. 

Jules :O...

Friday, June 08, 2012

Define Hippie

I've driven past this sign so many times, so today I pulled over and snapped it's photo. There's something really funny about this to me (I'm overlooking the discrimination factor). It's hanging on the window of a really old building in the downtown sector here across from a lush city park, which you can see reflected in the glass. 

I wonder... what is the actual definition of a Hippie, these days? If I dress up in tie-dyed clothes, wear a long wig tied with a headband, adorn myself with a leather tassled vest and little round sunglasses, step myself into some platform shoes and walk around saying things like "free love" and "peace out, man" as I flash passers-by the peace sign, will I qualify to go through the back door?

I totally love the sign... regardless of any strange implications it may have.

Jules :O?

Thursday, June 07, 2012

bird brained

You know those traffic lights that overhang the street? I'm not talking the post part that sticks into the ground, but the part that juts out over the lanes...

Well, I've recently discovered that they are homes. They are homes to little tiny brown colored birds. I've been stopped at numerous lights lately and have noticed them flying into the ends of that part of the light post and then they'll perch on the outside edge and just hang out there and watch traffic go by.

It made me curious. Isn't it a bit loud? Do the really loud exhaust vehicles give the little tiny birds heart attacks when they race off the line when the light turns green? What does the movement of the metal housing feel like on a really windy day as it bounces up and down? Is there a lot of pollution that directly floats up and into the end of a traffic light post? Is it a safe place for a bird to nest and bring babies who will  eventually just be learning to fly into the world? Is the inside of the light post red and yellow and green? Is it like living in an apartment next to a flashing neon sign that is turned on 24/7? Do birds see colors? Oh they must. That's why males are brighter than females.

So. Many. Questions.

I haven't noticed any dead birds on the ground at any intersections, so one can probably safely assume that making a home of a traffic light doesn't seem to pose a direct threat to their little bird bodies. Or else we can assume that birds are very smart and know how to dodge traffic expertly.

Is this a smart choice for a home, though? I'm not entirely convinced. I do, however, enjoy seeing them flitter about and poke their heads out while I'm sitting for the light to change.

Jules :O?