Thursday, June 28, 2012

6 things.

1) I need to start doing my yoga again. It was making me feel better. It energized me and took away this annoying tailbone pain that I suffer with if I sit for too long since I fell right on it on a skating rink last winter.

2) I interviewed for a part time job today to work as a PCA for a man with cerebral palsy, to start in September once my boys are back in school and I need to fill my days doing something worthwhile.

3) I can't wait to spend Canada Day with Thor this year. Even though the rest of my family has flaked on me, it really doesn't matter because he'll be here.

4) Thanan had his last day of Grade 1 and his report card was really great. He and I are equally proud of him and he gets to move on to Grade 2 in the fall. We need to work on 2 major things this summer: writing faster and neater, and taking accountability for his actions. He received a mark of "excellent" in Math. This is a relief to me. I hope he always finds dealing with numbers an easy thing.

5) I think I'll see if I can undergo hypnosis to keep me from eating sugary things. Today was an epic fail for me and I'll be paying for it I'm certain. To celebrate Thanan's graduation, I took him for an ice cream and had one. Then I also ate 3 of those little 2-bite brownies after supper. Not smart. That alone was almost 50g of sugar. Oy. I'll have to do a parasite cleanse or a candida cleanse right away. Before I go on holiday.

6) I'm really getting excited about going on holiday! Thor and I are planning to meet at Flathead Lake and then camp along the way from Apgar in West Glacier through towards Waterton, but not right at Waterton. We'll do day trips there for kayaking and hiking. I must remember to go get some good hiking boots. Really. It's time.


SIMON said...

So did you get the job? It sounds ideal for you.
Right to be so proud of Thanan he's such a smart kid, where has this academic year gone to? Wow Grade 2!!
Happy Canada Day and a wonderful holiday!!!

The Grunt said...

If all you did was have an ice cream and a couple of brownie bites you are fine. Relax! Congrats to your son and I hope you get the job. Asolo boots are pretty damned good, they are what I hike with. Have fun with the god of thunder!

Jules said...

Si - The company wants to hire me, but it's a man with self directed planning, so I don't know yet. I'm fine either way, really. Thanks for the Canada Day wishes.

Grunty - I don't know where to get Asolo boots, but I'll look for them here. I totally will have fun! Weee!