Thursday, June 07, 2012

bird brained

You know those traffic lights that overhang the street? I'm not talking the post part that sticks into the ground, but the part that juts out over the lanes...

Well, I've recently discovered that they are homes. They are homes to little tiny brown colored birds. I've been stopped at numerous lights lately and have noticed them flying into the ends of that part of the light post and then they'll perch on the outside edge and just hang out there and watch traffic go by.

It made me curious. Isn't it a bit loud? Do the really loud exhaust vehicles give the little tiny birds heart attacks when they race off the line when the light turns green? What does the movement of the metal housing feel like on a really windy day as it bounces up and down? Is there a lot of pollution that directly floats up and into the end of a traffic light post? Is it a safe place for a bird to nest and bring babies who will  eventually just be learning to fly into the world? Is the inside of the light post red and yellow and green? Is it like living in an apartment next to a flashing neon sign that is turned on 24/7? Do birds see colors? Oh they must. That's why males are brighter than females.

So. Many. Questions.

I haven't noticed any dead birds on the ground at any intersections, so one can probably safely assume that making a home of a traffic light doesn't seem to pose a direct threat to their little bird bodies. Or else we can assume that birds are very smart and know how to dodge traffic expertly.

Is this a smart choice for a home, though? I'm not entirely convinced. I do, however, enjoy seeing them flitter about and poke their heads out while I'm sitting for the light to change.

Jules :O?


SIMON said...

Yes indeed a lot of questions!! There must surely be something inbred with all types of birds that attract them to lights. Not just traffic lights, not just locally to you but locally to everybody.
I think maybe it's as safe as it could be otherwise the word would be out and they wouldn't continue to do it!
I do love the sensitive nature in which these important questions were asked though.
Nice one Jules!!

Jules said...

I also wondered whether weather gets in there and on a really heavy rain day, do their nests get washed out. Such a curious thing, birds in light posts.