Monday, June 25, 2012

Chronicle of Monday

11am - I receive news that someone I care about is repeating history... not a good history.
[first blow delivered]

1130am - I receive news that someone else I care about is repeating history... one that ended horribly.
[second blow delivered]

12:00pm - I endure the loudest most crazy lunch supervision duty that I can imagine.
[headache begins]

12:20pm - I am texted and told that the first someone mentioned above didn't even want to tell me what was up because they didn't want to be judged.
[third blow delivered, as I thought I was a non-judgmental person.. but come to think of it, I did vocalize my view on the subject... I wonder if I am a bad person...]

12:30pm - Dash home and try to look beautiful and bright eyed for a part-time job interview.

1:00 - 1:50pm - Engage in a delightful conversation more than an interview with 2 wonderful people. Get offered a job largely based on when I would be available to start.
[stomach churns because I really want to do this, I don't want to lose the opportunity because of a lack of availability]

Afternoon - I forget to nourish my body at all.

5:30pm - I arrive at second person's house mentioned above and wait for them to arrive so we can talk about the day's events and find out there are massive changes that just happened over the weekend.. or really just a day and a half.
[fourth blow delivered and instant stomach and intestinal cramping begins, I feel like I might pass out and can't decide if this is an illness or extreme stress. I wonder if this is what an ulcer feels like...]

6:00pm - I munch down some antacid, it doesn't help.

6:01pm - I realize that I will be totally alone in this city for the next week.
[deliver fifth blow]

7:40pm - I drive home, hoping to make it without passing out or throwing up. I put the boys to bed and take a warm bath. It doesn't relax me, but at least I'm clean.

9:18pm - I write this blog post. Why? Hoping maybe getting my very vague thoughts out will help.
[cramps start again]

I think it's time for bed early tonight. Really early. But first I'll pray that tomorrow is a better day. Pr else I'll pray for the ability to just let go and let things be... because really at the end of the day, they aren't my worries, are they?

Jules :Ough(


SIMON said...

Oh I pray with you that your week gets heaps better.
Sending (((HUGS))) as well though!!
Take care of yourself Jules X

Jules said...

Thanks... I need to just stop letting other people's personal lives stress me out.

SIMON said...

But you know only too well there are only two types of people.... "good and bad."

Quote from a film do you think? LOL!!

Jules said...

I wasn't saying anyone is good or bad, though I do appreciate your film reference, Si, and so would Khan.