Friday, June 08, 2012

Define Hippie

I've driven past this sign so many times, so today I pulled over and snapped it's photo. There's something really funny about this to me (I'm overlooking the discrimination factor). It's hanging on the window of a really old building in the downtown sector here across from a lush city park, which you can see reflected in the glass. 

I wonder... what is the actual definition of a Hippie, these days? If I dress up in tie-dyed clothes, wear a long wig tied with a headband, adorn myself with a leather tassled vest and little round sunglasses, step myself into some platform shoes and walk around saying things like "free love" and "peace out, man" as I flash passers-by the peace sign, will I qualify to go through the back door?

I totally love the sign... regardless of any strange implications it may have.

Jules :O?


The Grunt said...

I would go with anything stinking of patchouli as my "hippie" criteria.

SIMON said...

Free Hugs should do it Jules!!

I love the sign and would have photographed it too but I would also have to investigate further!!

Jules said...

Grunty - I completely forgot about smell in my description... thanks for adding that!

Si - That's it then, I AM a Hippie and I shall use the back door.