Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm 36 Today...

In honor of my birthday, I shall share a funny story with you that happened yesterday while I was antique shopping with my mom.

We entered the large antique store and were nicely welcomed by the man standing behind the counter. Then this all went down and had me chuckling out loud for a good portion of the rest of my day.

Man: Hello ladies, how are you today?
Mom and I: Good, thank you... Just dandy, thank you!

(I am quickly off in la-la-land, looking at cool old things, but paying attention to the conversation)

Mom: How are you, is the question!
Man: Not so great, but that is a loooong story.
Mom: I see! I'm a good listener and I've got coffee!
Man: Yes, but is it Timmy's??
Mom: Yes, actually, it is!
Man: (laughs)

(Be patient, the punchline is coming)

Mom and I carry on looking and discussing the store items with the man, and the conversation turns more personal. The man mentions that business isn't going so well because the residents of his town really don't support local business, and what a shame that is.

Me: Ohhh, so is that part of the answer to the question... why you're not doing so well?
Man: Well to be honest with you, it all started 69 years ago with a violent passage through the birth canal and it hasn't gotten much better since!
Mom and I: HAHA!!!
Me: Ohhhh... we probably shouldn't be laughing at that... [continuous giggles for remainder of day]

I just thought that was such a hilarious outlook on birth. Suitable story for my birthday, right?

Happy day to you all out there. Smile at someone random as a present for me today.

Jules :O)


don said...

Happy Birthday!

SIMON said...

Such a funny and fitting story for today!!
Happy Birthday Jules!!
Oh I'll be smiling at loads of random people tomorrow as a present for you!!

Jules said...

Thank you Don! :*

Si - I'm sure of that! Thank you for the wishes.

The Grunt said...

I guess alter egos have to wish you happy birthday too. Happy Birthday Jules, from Grunty!

Jules said...

Thank you, Grunty! I'm glad you were able to resurface...

Tys on Ice said...

happy belated birthday jules. Been away...

Jules said...

Thank you Tys! Where have you been?