Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day trippin' to Waterton

Thor and I went to Waterton International Peace Park while we were together for our vacation. It was really cool because it was the first time in our history that we got to cross the border together! The Border Patrol Guards were entertaining, too. They both questioned us about how we came to be and after we explained, we received an exuberant "Well good for you! I hope it works out!" type of thing. That made us both smile. 

While in Waterton, we took in the Prince of Wales Hotel, which is lovely, but I enjoyed the views from the cliff it's on better than the hotel itself. We also went and wandered the shops of the Waterton town site, had a picnic lunch in a little waterfront park, checked out the campground, and then went to Red Rock Canyon. 

Here are some photos from the trip to Waterton. Enjoy! 

This is the view as you stand by the Prince of Wales Hotel and look down over the edge of the cliff.  The water was so crystal clear, as it usually is in the mountains, and everything was so bright and vivid in color. A great day to snap pics.

Here you can see the town site of Waterton from up above at the hotel as well as a boat tour in progress.

Despite the stormy sky that was looming when we first arrived at Waterton, the lake was pretty calm. Calm enough for this single kayaker to be out enjoying the day. The clouds parted and the sun filled the sky. It was a great day to go there, because back at camp, the Park Ranger said it was fixing to be the perfect storm and that we should hunker down and the we'd all celebrate it after we survived it when it was all over. She's quite the exaggerator!

Now this.. this is a giant heart shaped boulder that rests eternally at Red Rock Canyon. I totally loved it, though I sort of wish that branch wasn't in my photo. The brilliance of the red in the rock that lines the canyon is very striking, when you're not distracted by the tourists who somehow feel they can just help themselves and walk all around it, despite the warnings to stay where it's safe. When I went there years ago, they didn't let people walk down into the canyon, so you could get better photos without people in them.

This pic is sort of blown out on the left side, but it still shows the redness of the canyon walls and the clarity of the water.

Well, I think these 5 are good for tonight. Waterton is a nice place to visit, perfect for a day trip type of thing, though I don't recommend camping within the town site's campground. It totally turned me off.

Be well!
Jules :O)


The Grunt said...

One of my favorite family vacations was to Glacier and Waterton parks. Your photos are giving flashbacks--the good kind.

SIMON said...

Beautiful pics as ever!

Red Rock (anything) just make me cry because of 'my' Red Rocks and the heart shaped stone makes me smile because, yes you do always find them!!

I especially love the pic of the town and the steamer even though it is not as atypically Canadian as the first one.

Nice post Jules.

Jules said...

Grunty - that's awesome! You need to take a trip there again and see how things have changed!

Si - thank you. That boat isn't strictly Canadian, it boasted both the American and Canadian flags. Sorry about evoking tears.. I don't know that I'll be posting any more red rocks type of stuff.Just colorful ones.

Quiet Paths said...

These are gorgeous photos. Oh crazy stuff - I know that rock!! Sheesh. Now I want to go back there. I know what you mean about the town campsite - what were they thinking? However, there is another up the road a bit which is much better.

Jules said...

Thank you QP! It's so cool that you know that rock! Yes, we went up the road and saw the better campground. It would totally do the trick. If you DO go back there, take a pic of that rock and then post it. We'll be pic twins. ;)

Quiet Paths said...

Okay, you got a deal.

Isaac Coomber said...

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