Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I sent it away... and I'm really excited! I hope I don't just get laughed at. It could be a really exciting new year if I don't! :)  I've written another stand alone one since being inspired to send it away. It's quite cute too and teaches concepts like rhyming, counting and telling time.

It's been hot here. I totally feel like I'm baking from the inside out. Words to describe me in this heat are as follows: sticky, over heated, emotional, sizzling, wet. If any of that sounds exciting to you, you don't understand just how hot it is on this continent right now. I don't understand how people who live in this sort of heat all the time aren't dead.

I am really happy that So You Think You Can Dance has started again. The dancers this year are really incredible. This is not a joke show, it's serious athleticism in a passionate, creative art form. I love it. Plus, there's a dancer that's related to Crocodile Dundee in it... that's got to be a good thing, right?

My favorite toenail polish is this perfect shade of pink that my soul brother suggested I buy when he was here once.

If you think you're going to see me in this weather without my hair tied back in my tiny little somewhat pathetic ponytail (which I think looks cute) you're insane. I wish I was bald right now and having hair touching my neck is sooo difficult. don't even get me started on my sticky bangs. Get off my forehead already and float in the breeze. Oh right. There needs to be a breeze for that.

I just ate an apple 4 hours ago and I'm really craving another one. I think I'll have to go ahead and eat one. Or maybe just a fulfilling ice cold glass of water would be better. After a cold shower. Ahhhh, perfect.

Jules :Ohawtstuff..


Quiet Paths said...

It's hot here too. This is a very fun post despite all the sweaty sticky stuff. I have a weather app which tells me what the temp is in St. George, Utah where we went in April. It's going to be 109 F there today so yeah, 92 doesn't sound sooo bad.

Again, congrats on sending off your book(s).

SIMON said...

I couldn't possibly comment on any of the hot and sweaty stuff, except maybe on the tiny little ponytail!!

I love the idea of a book that deals with telling the time as it is often overlooked and assumed it is easy enough when it can be a problem to children (and adults!)

Enjoy the new series of SYTYCD I know how much you like it.
Of course being related to Crocodile Dundee will make them a better dancer........!!!