Thursday, July 05, 2012

A serious question.. or maybe not... or maybe...

So, I was in the tub tonight wondering about armpit hair.

It seems to me that a woman's armpit hair grows at an exponential rate, and would presumably grow on and on for an indeterminate amount of length, based on how fast it grows once it's been shaven.

So that got me thinking... most men never shaves their armpits, and their armpit hair seems to reach an end length and never gets longer. Considering the rate at which a woman's armpit hair grows, and how it just seems to never stop growing, if a woman stopped shaving, or never started shaving, would her hair grow to the point where you could braid it and start wrapping it around her body to keep her warm in the winter? Would it be like the hair on a person's head? I mean, it just never seems to stop growing. Ever.

I pose that question, but then I wonder why a man's pit hair stops after reaching a certain length and doesn't get to that braid-able length? Would a woman's pit hair do the same thing?

The most important thing to state here is that I am not willing to test this theory out. Yet I am almost desperate to know the answer.

Do any women out there want to inform me if they haven't shaved in a few years, how lengthy their pit hair has gotten?

That then poses a whole nuther question... is it socially acceptable for a western woman to not shave her armpits, ever? Can she let it get to "man-length" and still be thought of as attractive? I say western woman because I know different cultures feel differently about hair than we do up and over here.

Such a curious mind I have.

Jules :O?


SIMON said...

One of your more thought provoking posts - love it!!!

Jules said...

Yes, but no answers, Si?