Saturday, July 07, 2012

Splish Splash

Here's two fun and splashy, random photos for you to help you to think cool thoughts in this heat wave we're having (though it's hotter in the States currently than it is here.. but only by a few degrees).

I took this photo of someone's child whom I don't know ages ago at Ft. Normandeau Park here, where I didn't even realize there was access to the river directly. But low and behold, there is. And this little boy was having a blast in it! 

Stay Cooooool, Peeps.  This is the back of Thanan as he tries to swish water between his legs at a wading pool we went to a couple of weeks ago. Give a child water to play in and it doesn't matter if it's a pool or a puddle, they're happy chappy's. 

Jules :Oahhhh)


SIMON said...

Yeah kids and water!! Maybe it's especially boys but certainly make for good times and good pictures!!

Jules said...

Well, they make for fun photos, anyway!