Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where the wild things grow...

Our first camp spot on our trip was to Apgar Campground. It is really a beautiful place, with a very well laid out campground containing sites that are very spacious. Once we set up camp, we hopped on our bikes and went for a little ride along the many bike paths that ended up taking us to West Glacier entrance. There's a little village there, as there is right at Apgar itself, and it was nice to look around there. 

On the way back to camp, we spotted some people who had stopped riding and were picking some berries from the brush. Instantly a light bulb clicked in Thor's head and he pulled off the path to discover the plethora of huckleberries that were ripe and ready to be eaten. He told me a story about how his family always used to go to Hungry Horse Dam (which is just minutes from West Glacier entrance), every year at this time to specifically go huckleberry picking. They would spend days just gathering fruit, and he recalled this with a great deal of warmth and delight. It's wonderful to have family memories of things like that. Here's a photo of what huckleberries look like when they're ripe. They have a very distinct flavor and are a little bit tart, but a nice berry, for sure.

Just when I thought we were ready to go, Thor would spot a bunch more berries to be munched on. Watching him pull the fruit off the bush and listening to the wonderful noises he made as he happily satisfied his hunger for them was really cool. I couldn't stop grinning. You have to bend way down for these delicious berries. I suspect your back would ache before too long if you bent at the back and not at the knees. Thor's was ok though.

Since I was already down at ground level, I thought I'd see what the belly of this mushroom looked like, as well. I got the focus a bit wrong, I wanted the underside of the top, but instead I got the stem and some moss. Still, it makes for an interesting photo.

After the day of exploring and berry picking, we had some supper, took a dip in the icy temps of Lake MacDonald and enjoyed the evening. This photo was taken our second night there, just before we went for a nice bike ride for a little ways along the bottom of the Going To The Sun Road. We'd have gone farther, but a Ranger said we needed lights on the bikes and made us go home. That's ok though, my legs were getting tired. A distance cycler, I guess I am not. Or maybe it's going to be time for me to get a lighter bike soon. The lake was really cool that night, the clouds looked neat and there was campfire smoke wafting over the lake from the other side at the adjacent campground. It looked really neat.

Of course, the best part of it is having someone to share it with who finds it all as amazing as you do.

Jules :O)


don said...

I really like those pics especially of the huckleberries. What a great place to camp!

Jules said...

It was amazing, and I had the best companionship possible so that made it even better. :*

SIMON said...

Well - Huckleberries!! Who'd have known?!! Thank you for educating me!
The picture of the lake is superb!
I am loving these holiday posts.

Jules said...

I thought they were like Saskatoon berries, but really I don't think they are now that I've picked them fresh.