Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fun on Flathead

I took Thanan down to Thor's cabin on Flathead Lake over our long weekend. It was a totally awesome 5 days.  Thanan woke up every morning and the first thing he'd do, without fail, while still wearing his jammies was go fishing off one of our docks.

Well wouldn't you know, the first morning, he caught his very first fish, off the hook which was baited with a piece of canned corn. We were all sooo excited! Here are some photos to commemorate the event. As you can see, it wasn't a very big fish, but to Thanan, it meant the world.

We had a catch and release rule for the little squaw fish.. if they were that small we could keep them in a bucket with water and study them for a while but then back into the lake they'd have to go. To my surprise, Thanan actually did well with this rule. Here are the boys bonding over the first fish moment.

Then I was so excited, I thought I'd give morning fishing in my jammies and bed-head a try too. Guess what! I caught a little fella as well! We caught just 6 of the miniature fish all weekend. It was as if they started to get smarter. We tried using bugs as bait after the desire for corn wore off, and that worked for a while also. Fun, fun, fun!

There are just some things you can't repeat in life, and I know we were thrilled to be there when Thanan caught his first fish. Firsts are vitally important in life, aren't they!

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Oh yes firsts are always firsts and always special!
That all sounded such a great weekend for all of you!!

Jules said...

It was a wonderful weekend. I love seeing the boys together, too. Thor's becoming quite the idol for Thanan to look up to, and that's a great thing. :)