Thursday, August 16, 2012

I love this

This is the coolest real estate sign I have ever seen, bar none. It has to be the longest listing in history. It's so worn that you can't even tell the whole phone number. It totally makes me want to call up Wrangler West Real Estate and go see the property it's on. If you're interested in buying some mountainous land, it's on the road you have to travel to get from St. Mary to East Glacier.  Look for it if you're ever travelling that very twisty road. 

Jules :Oj


don said...

Call them up and see if you can just buy the sign..

Jules said...

That's actually a really great idea! I have a spot in the back yard that it would look perfect on.

SIMON said...

The sign is something special but for myself I would just want to photograph it and sell the pic!!
But you probably know that!!

Jules said...

Yes, that suits you, Si.