Saturday, August 11, 2012

In the shadows...

I've always loved it when I can take a photo with silhouetted trees and or landscapes. There's something a little bit secretive, special and alluring about them. This first photo is of Two Medicine Lake (lower, I think) on the way back to our campsite in Glacier one evening. It was the day the Ranger warned us to hunker down for the perfect storm. Those clouds were really all that remained of the storm when we got back to camp. 

This one was taken not far from the general store in Two Medicine, looking down the length of the lake towards Paradise Point.

Now this one is amazing. It's not quite as shadowed as I'd like it to be but I wanted to add it in here, because I think it's incredible how it looks just like a penis. Those of you familiar with the area, do you recognize it? Can you tell me where I found it? It's there in plain view for everyone to take notice of in a very populated area of Glacier National Park!  I have henceforth named it Mt. Penis. Whoever said nature wasn't inspiring missed seeing this. 

Incidentally, on the other side of the park, I saw a mountain that looked like a breast too. If turned sideways, it's the ideal shape. We must all come from the earth.

Jules :Oj


The Grunt said...

I love "Mt. Penis". Funnily enough, I did a post way back in 2006 featuring a picture I took of an enormous column of rock that looked just like an erect penis. Here's the link to the old post: Spring Has Sprung!

Jules said...

Apparently I saw your blog post referenced here as I was falling asleep because it was what I woke up to on my blackberry this morning. Had your page open all night. Odd. LOVE your photo! Wooooo baby. Eeeek!

SIMON said...

That second picture is a true great!! Nuff said!!

Yeah we must all come from the earth!!

Jules said...

Yay! Thanks, Si :) I loved that one too.