Sunday, August 19, 2012

Life is a story, waiting to be told

It's 10:30pm, the sun has been set for about an hour, the stars are beginning to shine. He says to her, "Let's go out for a moonlight kayak, do you want to?" She smiles wide, hugs and kisses him and says "Yes! I'd love to!"

The water is like glass, so calm and the warmest it has been in recent years due to the overly hot summer. They walk the kayaks down to the rocky beach and she squeals a little bit as her kayak rocks while she gets seated. She pushes off and waits for him to join her out on the water.

They decide where they'll paddle and together they go off into the black night. Someone recently clipped their grass and you can smell it as you paddle along the shoreline. "Don't go out too far... ", he says to her, "It's best to stay close to shore, especially since it's night time". He's always protecting her and it makes her feel cared for and safe. "Isn't this nice?"  He looks at her and she can see the outline of his face as the stars and shoreline lights gently illuminate his figure. He's smiling. She can see the love he holds for her in his face.. in his eyes. They twinkle even in the dark.

She turns her kayak towards his and glides to him over the still water. They sit there each facing opposite directions, holding hands and appreciating the moment they are in together. You can see more and more stars as it gets darker and darker, you can hear the sounds of insects making their nightly noises, the odd fish jumping, and a few people on their properties having fires and talking into the night. But they are just silhouetted figures, barely visible, floating by. They make sounds just like gentle waves lapping ashore would sound like as their paddles stroke the water in unison. First she leads, then when she stops, they talk and look up.

"It sure would be nice if the moon was out tonight.. a moonlight kayak.. but there must be some cloud cover off in those mountains," he says as he points to the giant range beyond the island. She responds with "Yes, that would have been nice, but this is absolutely amazing, even without the moon," and blows him a kiss.

She feels like there couldn't possibly be a more tranquil, soothing and romantic moment. It's like they own the lake and the mountains and the sky. It's like the night belongs to them and them alone. Not a worry in the world. It couldn't be more beautiful.

They stay there and study the sky, talking about how it would be so nice to live there, offering each other the hope of a dream with a silent promise. After some time, they agree to turn around and head back for their dock. They retire to the cabin and spend the next couple of hours in each other's arms. They need to cool off before going to sleep, so they step out onto the patio.

The moon is out high in the sky now and the air is crisp. The moon casts a stunning glow onto the lake below. They just embrace each other and kiss under the now moonlit sky.

Jules :Oromance)


Tys on Ice said...

damn woman...this, i guess, is not fiction...

The Grunt said...

The ten-year-old boy in me is gagging, but the adult male in me is giving this post a thumbs up.

Nisha Jha said...

Very nicely written. :)
Is it real?

SIMON said...

Beautiful words, lovely story.
Fiction - I think not!

Jules said...

Tys - Hmmm.. I shall not reveal.. the photo is two of my original photos combined, thus not truly real... but the story, that is a secret.

Grunty - Did you have a barf bag handy? I think the adult male should win on that one. This, this is how women are made happy.

Nisha - Thank you! I can't say whether it's real or not, but the fact that you can't tell makes me feel good about my writing skills. Maybe I ought to write a novel.

Si - Thank you! Not fiction, hey? What makes you think this?

Nisha Jha said...

Ha Ha
Please do so, I'll be the first to read it and probably write a review as well. :)

SIMON said...

Well surely every one knows kayaks have hearts too!!