Thursday, August 02, 2012

Rock with me...

If ever you need inspiration for a color palate, look to nature. Stop for a minute and admire this post which is  dedicated to rocks in nature. Everywhere you look in Montana, you see gorgeous colors surrounding you in the mountains, boulders, beach rock, river rock, pebbles.. even the road construction is done in some area with a red asphalt. 

Marvelous Mountains up on top of Logan Pass

A bright and colorful bridge pieced together with large rectangular stonework at Two Medicine Campground.

Part of a retaining wall build at a lookout area on the east side of the Going To The Sun Road. Look at how strikingly blue the stone naturally is! Wow! I had to look closely, I thought at first it was painted, until I saw it in bulk around me in nature.

 Orange splattered rock, a sort of fungi rests atop it as it overlooks this brilliantly layered water below.

I almost get teary looking at this photo, because it's just that beautiful. Look at all the colors here.. and how they compliment and blend with each other. Incredible.

Now add a wild fern into the mix for the punch of green and it takes your breath away as the crystal clear water brings out the vividness of the colors resting just below the surface.

Nature really is outstanding. Don't take the ground for granted.. we walk all over it. Stop to appreciate it too.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Beautiful pics, capturing perfectly the most wonderful colours of nature.
That's not even mentioning the inspiring words and message.
Lovely post Jules.

Jules said...

Thank you Si. Glad you appreciate it. :)

Quiet Paths said...

These are fantastic pics. Glacier really has the best rocks. Pretty much par none.

Jules said...

I agree. I've been captivated moreso by the ones in Montana, specifically in Glacier than anywhere else. And I've done alot of looking at rocks!