Wednesday, August 22, 2012


What a beautiful thing that happens when the reflection of light and rain droplets combine, don't you think? This sky in my back yard was amazing tonight. It's slightly enhanced, but truly not much. 

It was brilliant and vibrant and gorgeous. As bright a rainbow as I've ever admired, on such a wonderful canvas of cloud. I didn't know whether it was going to be sunny or stormy. It was a pleasure to see such a wonder of nature unfold before me. 

I hope you had some sort of "wow moment" today.... did you?

Jules :Owow)


SIMON said...

I love the symbolism connected to Rainbows and even if they are not actual Wows it never takes away the beauty of nature as portrayed in the rainbow.
At a recent funeral of a 'way too young' person the entire congregation attempted to sing "Somewhere over the Rainbow." Beautiful in its tear soaked croakiness. Coming back from that funeral we were followed and guided by two rainbows.

The same day you posted this a friends dog had to be put down and she wrote, "Making his way over Rainbow Bridge to play forever now......"

Maybe not Wow moments but real reminders of the link between us mortals and nature.

Thanks for the lovely post, right place and time.

don said...

Beautiful shot

Jules said...

Si - Sorry to hear about all the sad news. Bless.

Don - Thank you! :O* It was really something to see in person. A breathtaking moment, for sure.