Sunday, September 30, 2012

inviting walkways

"I will explore this path while I wait for him to arrive," she said as the sun warmed her face and brought a warmth and peacefulness to her spirit. She didn't know this place was here and was happy to find it.

The yellow glow of the outside light created such a stunning and welcoming entrance way, she observed as she waited for him to lock his car, catch her hand in his, and offer a sweet kiss in the night's full moon light before going inside.

The climb down took them to a beautiful earthy forest which was cleared and made into the most lovely of places for a future picnic. "Walk the bridge with me, my darling, and lets see where life takes us." The thought lingered in her brain but was never verbalized.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Lovely pics as ever Jules and isn't it exciting making a voyage of discovery!!
Your writing just left me wanting more.....!!

Jules said...

What can I say. I like to keep my readers coming back. :)