Sunday, September 16, 2012

little moments aren't always little...

They wake up and enjoy a morning of leisure and coffee in bed. As they're planning their day together, she says "Oh, hey, by the way, what's in that nightstand bottom door?" On her side of the hotel room it's just a pile of magazines, but she hid a small thoughtful gift on his side before he'd arrived the night before and was waiting for an opportunity to let him know it was there. 

"Oh! There's a package in here... it says to pamper myself..." as he reaches for it and pulls it out. It's wrapped plainly in brown paper and strung with a twine bow. "I'm going to have to rip the paper, Sweetie," he says with regret as he tries to open it. 

Soon thereafter, the paper's gone, and the contents are now in plain view.  They giggle a little bit at what's laid out before them. It's two cans of shaving cream and some eco-friendly razors. "Are you trying to tell me I need to shave more?" he jokes. She says "Nooo.. remember that time you told me you love this shaving cream and that you hardly ever buy it because it seems like a 'pamper yourself' type of item?  Well, now you can pamper yourself!" she says offering a kiss on his cheek. 

He thanks her sweetly and they snuggle for a bit before they decide to get up and get ready for their day. He goes to put his little gift in his suitcase to take back home with him, pauses, looks at her and says, "Why don't you take one of these home with you, then I won't need to bring it up with me when I come there, it'll already be there." 

She almost passes out from the influx of butterflies in her stomach. She thinks.. 'Did he really just suggest leaving something that belongs to him at my house?'  She lets out a wide smile and squeals, "You have no idea how happy that just made me.. you want to leave something at my house!" and scootches over to him for a long embrace. 

Who'd have thought a little can of shaving cream would be such an impactful item? First a can of shaving cream.. then a tube of toothpaste, some socks, underwear, a few shirts, pants, etc? Eventually himself? **sigh**  
She thinks to herself, "Well, a woman can dream, can't she?"

Jules :Oweee)


SIMON said...

Of course a woman can dream! They can come true too!

Jules said...

Hope so!

Quiet Paths said...

Ahh... that is really sweet.

Jules said...

QP - Do we call this "progress"? ;)