Wednesday, September 05, 2012

random snaps

This time when I was on my journey southward, I took the Crowsnest Pass route and crossed the border just above Eureka, MT. It was really a bit of a stressful drive, there was tons of traffic and people were driving like assholes. I wanted to just take my time and enjoy the scenery, as there was one road that joined Hwy 2 with the Crowsnest that I hadn't ever driven on. I love driving on roads that I haven't been on yet. So I took this photo just after joining up with the Crowsnest. I pulled off the road to take a pic of a wind generator, but was captivated by the sun's rays poking through the clouds too. It made for a better shot than the generator one. 

At Flathead Lake, you always see some sort of movement on the water.. people, I mean, unless it's int he dead of night. This was the first time I saw a kite boarder (I think that's what this is called). Thor brought it to my attention while we were busy digging a trench to run electrical from one boat house to another. I only paused briefly to get a photo. It looked like he was having fun, though I only saw him lift off the water once, and was too slow to get it on pixel. Get it on "pixel"... where'd the days of film go?

I have been looking around for a doorknob and plate for my back yard getaway project. Thor said I can have one just like this one, basically. This one was still necessary, but the one I'm inheriting from him is in need of a change. So when he gets that switched out, I'll happily add the one like this to my garden! :)

After the electricity was wired into the boathouse, I got to explore what was inside. There was literally decades of wonderful things hung about here and there all attached to significant memories and past goings on. It was almost like being in a museum, though there were current things stored in there as well. I don't know when this sticker had been applied to the boathouse door, nor who put it there, but I totally loved looking up at it, seeing it's edges curled as time has aged it, and took great pleasure in noticing how it stood out against the other bright colors around it. I love how the branches of the willow tree sweep down towards it, trying to kiss and caress it.. or perhaps just embrace and dance in the wind together, but coming up just short.

Jules :O)


don said...

Nice thoughts..

Jules said...

Thank you, Don. I'm not sure which ones struck you as nice, but I love that you let me know! :*

Quiet Paths said...

Love the water and kite. It's nice you had a clear day instead of smoke.

SIMON said...

Nice post and pics Jules, especially like the last pic. No idea why but its what I would've taken it too!!!

Jules said...

QP - that morning it was smoky, but a wind blew in from the valley and cleared it all away. :)

Si - Thanks, yes, it struck me as totally photogenic.