Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Badlands of Alberta

Recently I took a trip to Drumheller with my family. It was 8 of us, 2 vehicles, a large agenda, and lots of smiles, singing, laughs and stories along the way. We left home at 9:30am and we didn't return until 9:30pm. A solid day of romping around the grounds where the dinos once roamed and now stand bare boned and glorious, of exploring the marvelously striped earth, and free standing legendary HooDoo's. We took some time to splash around in the splash park downtown Drumheller, and went across the Red Deer River via the Bleriot Ferry on the way home. It was lots of fun. I think were I to do it again, I'd want to do it with Thanan and Thor, but on a weekend where I'm not working, because I couldn't fully explore the HooDoo's with my foster guy with me.

These guys were in the Royal Tyrrell Museum. It's a fantastic museum, and I recommend going to see it if you're in Alberta and fancy a trip to the Badlands.

The HooDoo's are 16 kms from the town of Drumheller, so just a quick little drive. It doesn't take long to see these giant ones that are thousands of years old, but you can go walking on the paths throughout the cool foothills and come across more, I am told. These ones easily stand about 6 meters tall. They're really quite interesting and unique. I found out that:

"The name "Hoodoo" comes from the word "voodoo" and was given to these geological formations by the Europeans. In the Blackfoot and Cree traditions, however, the Hoodoos are believed to be petrified giants who come alive at night to hurl rocks at intruders" at this site where you can also check out a self guided tour to go on.

The only thing we didn't do that I really am interested in going back to do was take in the tour of the Atlas Coal Mine, which is a national historic site and the last of 139 coal mines that once were in operation. 

Along the way home, the sky completely lit up as the sun set. It was totally mesmerizing. I snapped these as my sis held the wheel on the way home. Oops. But not bad for a couple of "out the window" shots, hey? 

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Of course I love the "out the window" shots, sometimes they are the best!

I love the Badlands too and I found Drumheller a truly unique town and the Royal Tyrrell Museum one of the very best.

Jules said...

There is so much to see and do there, more than I remembered...

Quiet Paths said...

These are great shots. WE should go up there. It's not that far...