Friday, September 07, 2012

the ER

Do you ever wonder who would be by your side and at your service ready to help when you are faced with an emergency situation?

So tonight I had one to deal with. My son was in a crisis and needed medical attention. My foster guy went out for 3 hours from 6 - 9 and if I didn't have time to deal with Thanan's crisis before he was due to come home, what would I do? He's autistic, I can't just call on anyone in particular. It had to be someone who knew him and his medical needs.

I took Thanan to the walk in clinic where the doctor said that his abdominal pain might just be severe constipation, but that he wouldn't prescribe anything to flush his system until he'd had an xray to reveal whether or not he had a blockage in his intestines or not first, and that had to be done at the ER. Now, anyone in Canada knows that the walk-in's are a quick place to get help, but normally the emergency rooms are anywhere from 3 - 5 hours wait time. So that meant that I wouldn't be home in time to receive my foster guy.

Called his mom, she wasn't reachable. My mom wasn't in town. My sister had her own kids to deal with. Thor doesn't live here. Thanan's real dad wasn't getting back to me. All immediate family were unavailable and friends couldn't really help. Finally as a last ditch effort, I called the regular respite family that I use and she came to my rescue. She just dropped anything she might have had going on and said "Don't worry about it, I've got your back, I'll be right over to get his supplies and then his evening worker can just drop him right off at my house so you can go to the ER and not worry."

How many times in life do you meet someone and have the honor of knowing them on a level where they'd just drop anything and help you out? Not often. Now that's a person with strong character and values, right there. Sure, I will need to pay for her to care for my foster guy tonight, but that's a small price to pay to have peace of mind that I could take my son to the hospital and have my foster guy looked after as well.

Being a single mom is really really really difficult in this type of a situation. I do not want to be a single mom anymore. I need the help and reassurance that comes from having a spouse... I need that back up person to always be around and know for sure they've got my back. I need someone to come home to and cry on their shoulder when I'm falling apart after the adrenalin high has worn off and I'm crashing from all the stress. Maybe I shouldn't be writing these thoughts down for everyone to see. But this is my blog, it's my thought process, and I need to get it out. I don't just want someone. I want Thor. These types of nights make me wonder how much longer I am going to have to endure being alone.

Anyway, it has all worked out this time. Thanan is ok, he's been able to have several bowel movements and isn't screaming in pain anymore. They hooked me up with a Pediatrician for follow up care and gave me this bowel flushing drink I'm supposed to administer to him starting tomorrow.  I don't know if I will be so lucky next time, should I have another emergency. The agency I contract out to has an emergency on call number, I guess I could access them if it was really dire, but that's intended for use for the foster guy's emergency situations, not my own family's.

It. Was. A. Stressful. Night.

The End.
J :O(


SIMON said...

Wonderful to find someone who is able to help out in an emergency like that. So pleased for you that it all worked out and of course that Thanan is ok.

The Grunt said...

Scary situation there, Jules. I am glad that you had help. I hope that your situation/circumstances can come together with you desires.

Jules said...

Si - It was so great of her to come to my rescue, yes. I think I could count on her again if I ever needed to.

Grunty - Ya, it was scary. Thank you for your positive hopes!