Sunday, October 14, 2012

still kicking


So I made it through surgery, and I'm back home after 2 nights in hospital. I am down one body organ, but boy was that ever necessary. I have about a 2" incision across the base of my neck, but that's better than I was expecting. All the people I've seen who've had a thyroidectomy have had these giant scars that run the whole span of their neck. So I guess I lucked out that my surgeon could squeeze my giant thyroid out through a small hole. My para-thyroids are all in tact and... wait for it... here's the best part... I can still talk! I'll receive my results of biopsy within 3 weeks when I go follow up with my surgeon.

I'm sore, stiff and weak, but I will improve every day. I have to adjust to how my body feels on the synthroid    pill I have to take every day now, and it's been strange adjusting to it, but it will soon become my norm.

That's all I feel like sitting here for today. Just a quick update.

Jules :Oj


Nisha Jha said...

Welcome back ! And kudos to you for fighting a tough fight.

All the best for a speedy recovery. We want to see you hale & hearty.

Quiet Paths said...

I am really glad to hear this good news thus far. Rest up and recuperate. Sending healing thoughts.

SIMON said...

Thank you for the update. This all sounds good! Glad it all went well, keep getting better!

Siddhartha Joshi said...

I am glad that the surgery went well and now I really wish you a quick recovery :)

Take care!

The Grunt said...

I hope all continues to go well with your post-op recovery and life, sans thyroid.