Wednesday, October 03, 2012


June 22 - July 22
Are you technically single but very deeply involved with someone, Cancer? (yes) If so, don't be surprised if today you extend or receive a proposal of marriage. (what? really? awesome!) Recent events have brought you very close together and greatly intensified the bond between you. (yay!) Your partner may want to legalize that bond. Do you? (yes) If there is even the smallest doubt, give yourself some time to think. (not necessary) Acting on impulse isn't a good idea right now. (when do I ever act on impulse? I'm a cancerian!!)

... ... Really! How could I NOT post this awesome horoscope? Too bad I don't put much faith in these little blips anymore. 

On a different note.. I found something today that just sort of dropped into my lap by a twist of fate, perhaps, that I am really stoked about. Hopefully in the new year I'll be able to share the news with everyone! Eeee! It's one of those "I think I've found my purpose" things. I'm totally buzzing about it! 

On another different note: I didn't get my children's book published. So I guess that wasn't meant to be, at least not by that publishing company. Apparently they get 1000's of children's book submissions in a year and they can only publish 8. Maybe I need to send mine to a company who has more ability to publish. I'm sure I'll try the whole thing again, someday. 

Guess that's all for today. 

Jules :O) 


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

I'm happy I've given you some ideas of the beautiful city of Oslo!

I wish you the horoscope and that the books bring you success

Hello dear

SIMON said...

I'm guessing you will be the best judge of the horoscope, in the fullness of time!
It's a shame about the children's book, for the moment but I know you won't give up.
Oh I'm not sure I can wait until new year for your 'buzzing' news, suppose I'll have to won't I?

The Grunt said...

Screw those publishers!

Jules said...

Yes, Ivo, your collections of photographs are always beautiful!

Well, Si.. I was buzzing, then I wasn't... now it's at a bit of a lull.. yes. The new year shall see it either to fruition or not.

Grunty, I agree! I'll try again someday.

Quiet Paths said...

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