Thursday, November 29, 2012

from deep to shallow...

You just never know what you're going to get when you come to my blog.

This morning I was on my way to town when I heard a commercial on the radio. I honestly can't tell you what the actual commercial was for, because it was boring and I tuned it out of my brain as I concentrated on the winter road conditions.

What caught my ear was this line at the very end of it:
"..... big adult toys you can REALLY ride!"

Ya. True story.
So I'm curious, do you have any thoughts on that?

The end.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

do, think, feel, be, give... grow

I was sitting here reviewing my newest follower's blog (Dean), thinking that I should probably put something new in my own!

You know, maybe it's time for a bit of deepness on here.

I feel like since my operation and diagnosis, I have sort of started a bit of a transformation of self. Those of you who have known me for years will know I'm no stranger to the hospitals and doctors. But this time has been a different experience for me. They actually removed mart of my body, instead of modifying it. And while you would think that the process of that would leave me feeling empty, it has in fact left me feeling like I have a big-ness to me. I feel now like I am more capable than before, more driven, more confident, more able to take the future into my own hands. Maybe it's because I know I've overcome some very huge odds, so therefore I can make other odds turn in my favor henceforth.

I recently just had this thought:
The only thing holding us back is ourselves.

I believe this is true. Our fears hold us back. Our laziness holds us back. Our closemindedness holds us back. Our disbeliefs hold us back. Our negativity holds us back.

We all have the power to take an objective look at ourselves, admit what our shortcomings are and conquer them.

Sure, I'm still not feeling perfect, but I'm not going to stop, now that I understand this. I understand it on a deep level.. almost a cellular one. I understand where I come from, what gives me power and how to facilitate my well being so that I can achieve. I understand how to love and accept love. I understand how to nourish and protect my body (though I'm not always perfect), I understand that in order to receive we need to DO and THINK and FEEL and BE and GIVE to others as well as to ourselves.

So I encourage you, friends... move and think and do... and stop making excuses for your shortcomings. You can excel just as well as anyone else.  Give to yourself, the gift of understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and love... and then watch how you begin to grow.

You are as beautiful as the breathtaking views that surround you and every door is a passage worth exploring.

Jules :Oyesss)

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Today I learned:

When you play the children's game "Buck, Buck, Moose" long enough, the word "buck" morphs into a rhyming word starting with f, and as an adult having to hear it repeatedly until the game ends, you start to giggle a little bit too much inside.

I also learned that even though the game is meant for kids, adults can secretly become very competitive while playing it. I bet it could be a fun drinking game, if I drank anymore. Every time the dealer called "moose" you'd have to drink the number of moose on the card (1 or 2 shots). If you got the "win a moose" card, you'd have to assign a shot to someone else. Bwahaha. I think that'd be funny.

Leave it to me to take an innocent ages 4+ game and make it dirty.

Jules :Ogiggle)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

why wait, anymore?

I decided to start illustrating one of my children's books myself and then with the guidance of QP, likely, I'll self-publish it on Amazon, or some other method. It's taking a long time to illustrate, and my eyes are feeling very strained as I'm doing it on the computer, but I'll get it done before too long. I'm also writing another book, not child related at all, that will have the same fate once it's done. I figure, everyone else is doing this e-book thing, it's the future of books, so I might as well get mine on the move as well. Why just keep sitting on all these wonderful things I have going on in my head?

There's this one publishing company that has been calling me for the past couple of months, but they're the kind of company that guides you through it, while raping you for every last penny you've got. So on Monday I told the guy I was going to go a different avenue. He hissed out the words "I'll close your file then..." as if I was nothing more significant than a speck of sand. Hey look, I know that people wanting to publish works are probably a beach full of those tiny grains, but still, better customer service should remain a given.

That, my dear friends, is all she wrote tonight.

Jules :Oblah/

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Thor and I spent an amazing weekend together in.. you guessed it... Radium. We love exploring all the goodies you can find in the wild. Such breathtaking beauty can always be counted on, regardless of the season in the National Parks. 

Fairmont Hot Springs this time of year is gorgeous. It was freely flowing with water where the natural hot springs nest on the hillside above the resort. It was hot and steamy.. and so colorful! Rich lime greens paired with hues of corals, beiges, greys and browns. Together it all danced while the symphony of the water caressed it, providing a never ending magical movement that delighted the senses. 

The waters flow out of the hillside and into several carved out stone tubs that are part of the hills themselves. They created this small building for bathers to come and privately enjoy a hot bath. The water flows in, and then it comes out the bottom of the little house, always providing fresh natural hot springs for any patrons who should so choose to use them there.

We spotted a sight to behold on the way out of Fairmont. A mother black bear and her 2 cinnamon cubs foraging for berries on a large mountain ash tree. It really was incredible and I learned alot about how strong the branches of a tree like that can be. It was amazing! Those cubs weren't exactly small, and the tree supported both of them at the same time.

I think this is Kootenay River. Thor and I enjoyed watching the ice flow past us as we breathed in the crisp mountain air and walked along the shore and forest path. Such an amazing place. As you go into BC, it has a sign that boasts "Welcome to BC, the most beautiful place on earth." I don't know if that's totally accurate, but I bet it would give other stunning locations a run for its money.

Jules :O)

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

election interest... me???

Who would have thought that I, Jules, would EVER be interested in politics... but tonight I'm glued to the tv, patiently waiting to see who wins the Presidential Election. I've been on a journey of knowledge and education as far as politics go, for about the past 2 years. I don't understand everything there is to know, but I do have a better understanding. Being a Canadian citizen only, I can't cast my ballot, but I sure would have, if I had dual citizenship.

All I have to say at this point is: may the best man win.


Jules :OgoObama)