Wednesday, November 28, 2012

do, think, feel, be, give... grow

I was sitting here reviewing my newest follower's blog (Dean), thinking that I should probably put something new in my own!

You know, maybe it's time for a bit of deepness on here.

I feel like since my operation and diagnosis, I have sort of started a bit of a transformation of self. Those of you who have known me for years will know I'm no stranger to the hospitals and doctors. But this time has been a different experience for me. They actually removed mart of my body, instead of modifying it. And while you would think that the process of that would leave me feeling empty, it has in fact left me feeling like I have a big-ness to me. I feel now like I am more capable than before, more driven, more confident, more able to take the future into my own hands. Maybe it's because I know I've overcome some very huge odds, so therefore I can make other odds turn in my favor henceforth.

I recently just had this thought:
The only thing holding us back is ourselves.

I believe this is true. Our fears hold us back. Our laziness holds us back. Our closemindedness holds us back. Our disbeliefs hold us back. Our negativity holds us back.

We all have the power to take an objective look at ourselves, admit what our shortcomings are and conquer them.

Sure, I'm still not feeling perfect, but I'm not going to stop, now that I understand this. I understand it on a deep level.. almost a cellular one. I understand where I come from, what gives me power and how to facilitate my well being so that I can achieve. I understand how to love and accept love. I understand how to nourish and protect my body (though I'm not always perfect), I understand that in order to receive we need to DO and THINK and FEEL and BE and GIVE to others as well as to ourselves.

So I encourage you, friends... move and think and do... and stop making excuses for your shortcomings. You can excel just as well as anyone else.  Give to yourself, the gift of understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and love... and then watch how you begin to grow.

You are as beautiful as the breathtaking views that surround you and every door is a passage worth exploring.

Jules :Oyesss)


don said...

that's beautiful

SIMON said...

Yes a beautiful post.
Understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and love, yes certainly a recipe for success. If only everybody followed the same mantra the world would be a far more peaceful place and people so much happier with each other.

Failing all else your last sentence is worth living by, hey?

Jules said...

Thank you, Don.. it came from a very contemplative place yesterday.

Si - I think I should publish that line somewhere official. It's just THAT good. Ahhh, my brain is awesome.