Saturday, November 17, 2012


Today I learned:

When you play the children's game "Buck, Buck, Moose" long enough, the word "buck" morphs into a rhyming word starting with f, and as an adult having to hear it repeatedly until the game ends, you start to giggle a little bit too much inside.

I also learned that even though the game is meant for kids, adults can secretly become very competitive while playing it. I bet it could be a fun drinking game, if I drank anymore. Every time the dealer called "moose" you'd have to drink the number of moose on the card (1 or 2 shots). If you got the "win a moose" card, you'd have to assign a shot to someone else. Bwahaha. I think that'd be funny.

Leave it to me to take an innocent ages 4+ game and make it dirty.

Jules :Ogiggle)


The Grunt said...

Lol! Dirty, dirty girl.

SIMON said...

I'm betting that's how most adult/drinking games started!
I do remember having similiar thoughts over Buckaroo!!

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

I hope you will always find some good very interesting games for children and also for adults with imagination he can invent many.

Greetings and thanks for your visits


Jules said...

HA! Glad to have made you laugh, Grunty!

I don't know Buckaroo, but I'm sure it was, Si!

Hi Ivo! Yes, the good thing about adulthood is we don't lose our imaginations, we just evolve them. LOL