Thursday, November 15, 2012

why wait, anymore?

I decided to start illustrating one of my children's books myself and then with the guidance of QP, likely, I'll self-publish it on Amazon, or some other method. It's taking a long time to illustrate, and my eyes are feeling very strained as I'm doing it on the computer, but I'll get it done before too long. I'm also writing another book, not child related at all, that will have the same fate once it's done. I figure, everyone else is doing this e-book thing, it's the future of books, so I might as well get mine on the move as well. Why just keep sitting on all these wonderful things I have going on in my head?

There's this one publishing company that has been calling me for the past couple of months, but they're the kind of company that guides you through it, while raping you for every last penny you've got. So on Monday I told the guy I was going to go a different avenue. He hissed out the words "I'll close your file then..." as if I was nothing more significant than a speck of sand. Hey look, I know that people wanting to publish works are probably a beach full of those tiny grains, but still, better customer service should remain a given.

That, my dear friends, is all she wrote tonight.

Jules :Oblah/


SIMON said...

I'm sure the time and the eye strain will be worth it if you end up illustrating and publishing your books. Good luck with all that, can't wait!! Yes it is the future of books and allows for almost anyone to be published.
Customer service, oh yes I remember that!! Subject for another book, maybe?

Quiet Paths said...

That's great; moving forward with a project is half the battle. With all the research we've done I have decided that I am making more sales and $ just self-publishing. Also,smash words and Barnes and Noble too, if you want to do a book without illustrations and are simply downloads. Let me know if I can help further. I'd be happy to pass along what I know. My email is on my blog.