Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays

from me to you all. 

I'd like to take this moment to say thank you for my 25,000+ pageviews over my lifetime of blogging. I appreciate your loyalty and friendship more than you probably know. If it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't keep on blogging. Do take a moment and let me know you're here, ok? Go ahead.. you can do it.. go on and wish me a happy holidays or something. ;)

I hope you all experience health, happiness and prosperity in 2013.
See you on the flip side!

Jules :Oeee!

Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm just Heavenly...

What do you think of this photo? 

I took it while sitting in my car, waiting for Thanan to get out of school one day this week. It's a reflection of me on the driver's side door window as the sun shone in and seemed to project me into the Heavens at just the right angle. Those trees are in the parking lot and I'm just there.. floating above. Interesting perception, I thought. 

Jules :O)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Kindness at Christmas

Tonight I was wrapping gifts and realized that I hadn't bothered to buy any bows. I wanted to deliver the ones that belonged at my mom's house to her to have under her tree, but needed bows. I wrapped them, and on the way to her house, stopped at the Dollarama on the way. Cheap place to buy bows, I thought. Little did I know...

Standing in line with about $10 worth of bows, a slightly rattled, yet sweet looking, lady smiled at me and struck up a conversation.

Lady: Ohhh.. too bad you are buying all of those here. I have a whole bag of bows at my house that I'm not going to use. My sister works at Charmed and she just gave me a whole huge bag of them from her store.

Me: Oh, really? Are you serious?

Lady: Yes! I have, about this big of a bag (as she mimes a bag about a foot, cubed).

Me: Oh wow! When can I come get them?? That would save me about $10 right now (smiling widely).

Lady: Well, right after this I'm going home, you can come right now and get them if you'd like... Sorry.. I'm a little bit rattled tonight.. as you can see from what I'm buying... (she points to a pregnancy test and explains that her 56 year old boyfriend and her never planned to have kids).

Me: (trying to stop my eyes from popping out of my head and feeling like I've just seen into such a private part of this stranger's life)... Wow, well.. I hope things go whatever way is best for you... are you sure you feel like doing this bow exchange tonight?

Lady: Oh yes, absolutely! I don't need them all.. here's my name and phone number and address.. just buzz the apartment door and I'll bring them down.

Me: Ok! Thank you so much! See you in a bout an hour?

Lady: Sounds great!

Here is the pile of bows she gave me, no strings attached, just because she was kind. Oh, and there were some snowman Christmas cards in there too, which was awesome, because I needed just 2 more cards to send out. Yay!

I will pay this forward, for sure. Thank you to the kind lady who reached out to me. That was very sweet.

Jules :O)

Friday, December 14, 2012


We had a heavy frost day about a week ago. I snapped a couple of pics while waiting to pick Thanan up after school. I think blue and white is and always will be my favorite color combination. So striking, I think. 

This is part of the top of that tree on the left of the photo above. I love thick frost like that. So beautiful.

What is something you love about winter?

Jules :O?

Friday, December 07, 2012

The Amazing Canadian Race!


Dreams DO come true! Well.. sort of. For as long as The Amazing Race has aired on TV, I have fantasized about being a contestant on it. The fact that you had to be a US resident halted me in a hurry all these past 21 seasons.

Tonight my girlfriend texted me and said that they have decided to to a Canadian version now, starting in the summer of 2013!! WOOT!

I've always wanted to go on the show. I'm not sure who with, but I think seeing as how my Dad's got a wonderful memory and is wise and has seen a lot and lived through a lot, and speaks french fairly well, he'd be a great person to partner up with. Eee! My dream has come slightly closer.

Now... just to figure how to make that become a reality. This might take a few years in the making. Stay tuned.

Jules :Oeeee!

Monday, December 03, 2012

tiny croakers...

The owner of the store my mom works at accidentally ordered live frogs.  The store is supposed to have educational and non-battery powered materials for kids, they pretty much have anything from workbooks to lego and everything in between.  It's a very diverse store, but they've never carried live product before. As much of a mistake as this was, most of them are sold already. People are buying them for their kids for Christmas and asking for the to be held at the store until then. So I got to watch them frolic and swim about while I visited with mom in the store briefly today. I couldn't resist taking a few snaps. They were actually quite adorable. But no, I didn't buy one. 

This one looks like it has claws! Do frogs have claws? I'm going to have to do some googling. 

This one's my favorite picture. I just love how it's posing. 

They made me smile today, and I loved the vividness of their tiny tank decor. If I was tweeting this, I'd be hash tagging it:  #adorable

Jules :O)

Sunday, December 02, 2012


Had to phone and book a hotel room for the night before my very first appointment at the Cross Cancer Institute tonight. It was getting to be close, and I had been putting it off.

I don't know... I guess I just thought if I didn't acknowledge actually going there, it wouldn't all be real.

It hit me hard when the voice on the other end of the line said this: "Ok Ma'am, it will be $149, but I will give you medical status, so it will only be $99."

My stomach twisted into knots and I completely just felt sick. It was like being a cancer patient made me stand out with this sort of stigma, and booking the room meant that another dose of reality was hovering around me. This was about 3 hours ago and I still feel a little bit nauseous from it.

This is all unwarranted, I'm sure. They took my cancer out. I am quite certain I'm fine now....

But the thought that is scary as hell is... what IF I'm not? I don't know any greater fear than being told you have cancer.... except for maybe being told it has spread. Or maybe being told your partner has it.

They'll be doing an in depth consultation in which I'm sure I'll be xray'd, poked, prodded, scanned and all those things. I am going to ask to have the radioactive idodine ablation regardless of what they find, because I've already been misdiagnosed and told my nodules were benign when I still had my thyroid, and that was obviously a farse.

All of this seems stressful right now. Sometimes I manage not to think about it at all and those days are fine. Other times, it weighs me down heavily like an elephant is sitting on my neck and shoulders and no matter what I do, I can't shake it off. I just want to be told "you're cured, go live your life." I hope they tell me that soon. I will trust it coming from the CCI.

That's all for tonight. That's where I'm at. I guess I should drink some juice or something.

Jules :'O(