Monday, December 17, 2012

Kindness at Christmas

Tonight I was wrapping gifts and realized that I hadn't bothered to buy any bows. I wanted to deliver the ones that belonged at my mom's house to her to have under her tree, but needed bows. I wrapped them, and on the way to her house, stopped at the Dollarama on the way. Cheap place to buy bows, I thought. Little did I know...

Standing in line with about $10 worth of bows, a slightly rattled, yet sweet looking, lady smiled at me and struck up a conversation.

Lady: Ohhh.. too bad you are buying all of those here. I have a whole bag of bows at my house that I'm not going to use. My sister works at Charmed and she just gave me a whole huge bag of them from her store.

Me: Oh, really? Are you serious?

Lady: Yes! I have, about this big of a bag (as she mimes a bag about a foot, cubed).

Me: Oh wow! When can I come get them?? That would save me about $10 right now (smiling widely).

Lady: Well, right after this I'm going home, you can come right now and get them if you'd like... Sorry.. I'm a little bit rattled tonight.. as you can see from what I'm buying... (she points to a pregnancy test and explains that her 56 year old boyfriend and her never planned to have kids).

Me: (trying to stop my eyes from popping out of my head and feeling like I've just seen into such a private part of this stranger's life)... Wow, well.. I hope things go whatever way is best for you... are you sure you feel like doing this bow exchange tonight?

Lady: Oh yes, absolutely! I don't need them all.. here's my name and phone number and address.. just buzz the apartment door and I'll bring them down.

Me: Ok! Thank you so much! See you in a bout an hour?

Lady: Sounds great!

Here is the pile of bows she gave me, no strings attached, just because she was kind. Oh, and there were some snowman Christmas cards in there too, which was awesome, because I needed just 2 more cards to send out. Yay!

I will pay this forward, for sure. Thank you to the kind lady who reached out to me. That was very sweet.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Beautiful story!

Amazing to see that you are rewarded for your own kindness to others in the true spirit of Christmas.

don said...

A nice Christmas story for sure.

Jules said...

Si - That's just the thing.. I was just minding my own business and her kindness came up and found me first! Though, yes, I am kind.. or try to be all the time.

Don - Heartwarming, and unexpected.. I'm glad I went to her house and was able to give her a hug and a smile, too!

Quiet Paths said...

I love this kind of story! Beautiful bows too.